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Everything in Science/Physics.

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Theory of Everything (27 Sites, 175 Hits) 12/23/2003

Featured Ring Theory of Everything Sites: - - Add your site. - - This a collection of various minds trying to solve the problem that Einstein failed to solve.

Laser, Optics and Holography (5 Sites, 557 Hits) 04/29/1999
Featured Ring 

The Laser, Optics and Holography webring brings together the resources of these wonderful devices, and their applications. Some of the sites which will feature on this ring, will provided invaluable information into the world of Lasers, how they work, how to build a laser, produce holograms and much more. This WebRing is continously expanding with new sites and resources from around the world. Have Fun, and remember; 'Lasers Rule' - FLAVIO SPEDALIERI (The original founder of the Laser, Optics and Holography Webring)

Deutscher Tesla & Hochspannungs-Webring (4 Sites, 449 Hits) 06/19/2001
Featured Ring Im Deutschen Hochspannungs & Tesla-Webring sind nur deutsche Seiten aufgelistet. Deshalb ist es einfacher, Informationen zu sammeln. Alle Seiten die etwas mit Hochspannung, HF, Tesla etc. zu tun haben sind herzlich willkommen.

Advanced Physics (16 Sites, 197 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring All about physics for students and scientists: electronic journals, publications, education, WWW physics demonstrations, software for physics, research institutions, universities, jobs

Theory and Insight (20 Sites, 123 Hits) 01/28/2000
Featured Ring This is it. . . your place to innovate! Are you intelligent with something new up your sleeve? We'd love to see it!

Physics (7 Sites, 269 Hits) 02/20/2006
Featured Ring This webring is designed for those with sites related to basic physics. All sites must demonstrate a blatant relevance to physical science, and be able to assist those with physics related questions. The basis of the Understanding Physics ring is to answer any inquiry about the noble science, so you must have a knowledge of basic physics and its application in the real world.

Metaphysics Webring (7 Sites, 283 Hits) 04/28/2003
Featured Ring Any website relating to the General Study of Reality, Physics, Metaphysics, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Ontology, Relativity, Philosophy (such as Aristotle, Einstien, etc.), or relating subjects.

The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness (30 Sites, 212 Hits) 01/15/2002
Featured Ring All Explorations of the Multiversal System of the Grand Universe through Physics, Quantum Theory, Spirituality and Philosophy are Welcome in this Theory of Everything - Philosophy of Science Webring, provided they are Logically Supported and Tastefully Prepared. ~~ WE HELP ASPIRING NEW AUTHORS GET KNOWN.

Time  (5 Sites, 222 Hits) 07/26/1998
Featured Ring Find in this WebRing sites pertaining in some manner to time.  The sites, which may be personal, academic, commercial or a combination thereof, may explain or offer for sale watches or clocks, or expound upon time travel, or deal somehow with time in another way.  You just never know what you'll find here!  Pictured:  animated nature clock by Nevit Dilmen.

Amazing Theoreticalphysics (6 Sites, 249 Hits) 01/29/2001
Featured Ring Think creatively and find the wonder of nature.

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