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Selections from Science/Astronomy/Astrophotography you might like

Everything in Science/Astronomy/Astrophotography.

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Astrophotography (6 Sites, 527 Hits) 06/29/2004

Featured Ring 

World of Astronomy-Astrophotography combines a camera and a telescope to take pictures of stars, the moon, and other objects in outer space. Film, digital, or ccd cameras and various telescope models are used in this hobby. People with an interest in this hobby are advised to begin your research by surfing this webring. This may save you money since the equipment is not cheap. The tutorials will show you how to get started.

CCD Astrophotography (16 Sites, 449 Hits) 07/01/2000
Featured Ring CCD Astrophotography, help, hints, pictures, etc. This WebRing is designed to help new users get the help they need to start taking pictures. Members of this ring are here to help answer questions and give advice. If you wish to join and pass on your knowledge, please do so.

Autostar Suite Meade LPI / DSI Webring (10 Sites, 797 Hits) 02/01/2004
Featured Ring A ring for all users or intending users of the Autostar Suite / Meade LPI / DSI. If you have a related site why not join?

Astronomy Live Webring (2 Sites, 32 Hits) 03/24/2005
Featured Ring A collection of live astronomy broadcast sites. Visitors can view live images from across the globe with a variety of equipment and targets.

SAC Imagers (1 Sites, 10 Hits) 09/10/2003
Featured Ring Websites and pages with images and information on the SAC imaging cameras. Most sites have other information related to astronomy and astrophotography.

  Showing 1 - 5 of 5   

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