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Cattle WebRing! (12 Sites, 121 Hits) 12/14/1998

Featured Ring Cattle breeders and cattle related sites.

Cows (10 Sites, 53 Hits) 04/26/2001
Featured Ring 

Sites having something to do with cows and Bovines in general.  Cattle drives and dairy cows abound.


Beefmaster Cattle  (5 Sites, 97 Hits) 08/06/1998
Featured Ring A WebRing for ranch and farm owners who raise and breed BeefMaster cattle. A resource for beginner and expert BeefMaster Ranchers to find quality breeding stock, locate beefmaster shows, sales, and auctions.

Miniature Cattle and Horses (3 Sites, 249 Hits) 12/28/2001
Featured Ring Miniature cattle are between 26 and 36 inches tall and weigh 150-250 pounds.


Miniature Hereford Ring (3 Sites, 26 Hits) 08/18/2002
Featured Ring World wide ring for Miniature Hereford breeders, owners and others interested in the breed. Promote your site and advertise cattle, semen and embryos for sale and post show and sale results. Hope you make good use of this ring and enjoy.

Cattle  (2 Sites, 14 Hits) 11/14/2000
Featured Ring The World of Cattle webring’s purpose is to link together websites about cattle so visitors may use the navigation bar to find more websites on this topic. It also makes it easier for other owners of cattle to find people sharing the same interests. These websites may provide information on breeding and genetics, feed, water, salt requirements, vaccinations, use of antibiotics & other drugs, other needs of the cattle to keep them healthy. Websites about showing these cattle in various livestock shows or shows specific to cattle are also acceptable. Websites dealing with some of the complicated issues faced by the cattle industry today are very welcome here. If your website is about anything regarding cattle, you are invited to join this webring.

  Showing 1 - 6 of 6   

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