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Prophetic Dreams and Visions (11 Sites, 40 Hits) 02/22/2001

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This webring provides various opinions concerning prophetic dreams, visions, symbols, Bible interpretation, spiritual dreams, end-time prophecy, teachings, playing prophetic music by ear, and spiritual songs of the Lord.

Christian Mystics (7 Sites, 55 Hits) 04/05/2002
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Mysticism may be described as spiritual practice and experience which goes beyond the liturgical and devotional forms of worship of mainstream faith, often by seeking out inner or esoteric meanings of conventional religious doctrine. Practices may include prayer, contemplation and meditation, along with chanting and other activities designed to heighten spiritual awareness.

Whereas Christian doctrine generally maintains that God dwells in all Christians and that they can experience God directly through belief in Jesus, Christian mysticism aspires to apprehend spiritual truths inaccessible through intellectual means, typically by learning how to think like Christ, and become like Christ.

The sites in this webring may deal with anthroposophy, Biblical prophecy, meditation/contemplation, history, qabala, alchemy, and other focii of esoteric Christianity, including personal insights and teachings.

Angels Among Us (12 Sites, 57 Hits) 08/19/2001
Featured Ring This ring is for any site dealing with angels, angel readings, light work, or personal empowerment, as well as anything metaphysical or new age. If your site features any of these things, please join today.

The Psychics' Realm Ring (16 Sites, 17 Hits) 03/20/2001
Featured Ring This ring is for all things New Age, Pagan, and "alternative" spirituality. Find links to psychics, tarot card readers, and spirit mediums here.

Being of Light - The Essence of TheWay (6 Sites, 12 Hits) 01/29/2004
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"My search for the Being of Light was part of an inner spiritual quest for the true depths of my being and consciousness. Unlike those who encountered the Being unexpectedly during a near-death experience, I was able to spend extended periods of time in the presence of the Being in what I call the Realm of Souls." This is how the experience of one encounter is described. The experience of the Being of Light tends to be highly ambiguous. Many different opinions are expressed regarding the nature of this Being. This webring includes some of these opinions.

Spirit Of The Canidae (16 Sites, 17 Hits) 04/08/1998
Featured Ring Spirit of the Canidae, keep howling my friend ... This webring Spirit of the Canidae represents a coming together of those of us who are guided by our spirit brother Canidae. We stand as one, united in peace, harmony, and fellowship. We are remembered by the tracks we leave behind ...

Covenant Lost: Keys of Knowledge Thrown Away! (3 Sites, 10 Hits) 05/18/2004
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This ring was established to dispute the claim that modern Christians are in accord with biblical doctrine, and to establish rather, that in order to be in Jesus, one has to embrace a form of mystical legalism. Many of the writings are Nazirene. Visit these sites for interest only.

The Dragon's Realm Webring (2 Sites, 8 Hits) 09/22/2002
Featured Ring The webring for Wizards, Witches, Dragons, and Mystics. All sites with related content are welcomed to join.

Mystique World (2 Sites, 11 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring should contain websites with information about Witchcraft,Divination, Mysticism, Majick, Sorcery, Spells  etc. all to do with  i.e. Wiccan,Pagan,Witchcraft, Oracles, Wizardry, Spell craft etc. Stores and shops are welcome at no extra charge as long as they are 90% on topic. Mythology of ancient world.







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