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Abstruse Webring (6 Sites, 40 Hits) 07/15/2005

Featured Ring Profound effusion of abstruse erudition -- microcosmic, macrocosmic, universally compraehending scholarly evaluation in contexts of cultural sophistic commonality -- transcultural correlation of the esoteric with the scientific -- correlation of metaphysics with physics, of ethics with teleology: philosophy of science, semiotics, and the paranormal: logic, mathematics, and metamathematics -- antient, mediaeval, and modern -- integrative, universalistic outlook

Interfaith Sites Webring (20 Sites, 43 Hits) 03/17/1999
Featured Ring 

The Interfaith Sites Webring is designed to encourage dialogue among various religious and spiritual paths and traditions, including but not limited to the Christian, Polytheist/Pagan, Jewish, Islamic, and Baha'i paths. Any website which promotes ecumenical and interfaith activities and communication is invited to join this webring, as well as sites promoting religious tolerance.

Sivartha d'Mashicha Judeo-Christian WebRing (15 Sites, 50 Hits) 04/02/2001
Featured Ring Judaism and Christianity are not as different as many believe. Join our members as they share tales that reflect a peaceful coexistent of the Judeo-Christian cultures. The sites listed below celebrate the immense peace that can be acheived through interfaith studies and practices.

The New Religions Ring (12 Sites, 18 Hits) 12/11/2000
Featured Ring The New Religions Ring welcomes websites devoted to new religious and spiritual movements (serious or humorous), academic scholarship on new religions (NRMs), and religious parody (Church of the SubGenius, Church of the Bunny, Discordianism, McChurch, etc., etc.).

Infidels (7 Sites, 36 Hits) 09/24/2004
Featured Ring This ring is for web pages which borderline the blasphemous and forbidden. ( lol ). In other words, this web ring is aimed at catering to a more enlightened audience... once we were called "infidels", today we're often called humanists. Apostates and heretics welcomed with open arms.

Interfaith Ring For Peace (10 Sites, 45 Hits) 03/21/1999
Featured Ring 

The Interfaith Ring For Peace brings together sites from various different religious traditions to support the peace process and the protection of the human rights of individuals of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

Proven Truth (6 Sites, 7 Hits) 09/17/2002

Just like it says, PROVEN truth, not myth or religious nonsense, but proof of a real Supreme Being and more.

The Virtual Church of Inter-faith (8 Sites, 92 Hits) 11/24/2001
Featured Ring 

Within this ring, you will find sites of various faiths whose owners examine reasoning behind the things they do.  They may poke fun, do so with a hint of humor, or just stand amidst others more known for exposing false doctrine.  But, certainly, we can learn from each; in how we are alike, how we are different, and how we can come closer to desired unity for all.

Passage of Spirit (11 Sites, 65 Hits) 01/18/2003
Featured Ring An interfaith webring, welcoming all religious & spiritual websites. Designed to foster religious tolerance, encourage understanding, support diversity, and facilitate dialogue.

Ascended Spiritual Path of TheWay (4 Sites, 40 Hits) 08/17/2004
Featured Ring TheWay, presented by the man known as the Long Island Mystic who in a previous life lived as the Brother of Jesus, is the most universal message of interfaith peace and revelation known to man today. It demonstrates that God is the Father of all men and women, that prejudice and violence towards others has no place in religion, and that the universal journey of all people is that of the prodigal son, whose destiny is to dwell in the Kingdom of God.

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