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Hindu Mythology and Scriptures (6 Sites, 13 Hits) 01/27/2002

Featured Ring 

Sites which are related to Hindu mythology and scriptures, and which help to enhance the understanding of the Hindu religion.

Dharma Link (7 Sites, 481 Hits) 12/25/1998
Featured Ring A meeting place of websites with dharma or Hinduism-Buddhism related content. Content includes building of greater harmony between all living beings, and peace for all.


Hindu Resources  (15 Sites, 120 Hits) 10/02/2000
Featured Ring Hindu Resources Web Ring is for Websites devoted to Hinduism. Websites related to Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and Vedic Comparative studies also could join this Ring. The purpose of this Ring is to bring together all the Websites related to Hinduism.

Hare Krsna, Vaisnava, and ISKCON (2 Sites, 12 Hits) 04/13/2002
Featured Ring These are sites that contain information related to Hare Krsna, Vaisnava and Vedic concerns.

Hindu Webring (30 Sites, 455 Hits) 03/15/1999
Featured Ring The Hindu Ring allows Hindu websites to get more exposure and also to interact among themselves. People who wish to create their own webpages but are unskilled are offered advise and help by ring members.

Vedic Astrology Webring (8 Sites, 266 Hits) 09/13/1998
Featured Ring This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

Nataraja Hinduism Ring (6 Sites, 374 Hits) 11/26/2001
Featured Ring  Untitled document

The ring is open to websites related to Hindu religion. Websites like Ashram, Mothers, Gods & famous Saint's Biography, Tantra, Yoga, Mysticism, Hindu Deities,

Brahmacharya By Facing Sexuality (3 Sites, 1 Hits) 11/06/2013
Featured Ring 

Sexual abstinence achieved through facing the edge of sexual related material, in limited and/or alternative contexts, not envisioning the practice of sex itself. As to strengthen one's own control and self-discipline over the matter.

Lord Krishna (3 Sites, 32 Hits) 12/10/2001
Featured Ring 

This ring is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the objective is to create an awareness and help other web masters promote and market their sites as well as inform visitors of the tenets of this religion.

Eternal Wisdom (2 Sites, 3 Hits) 10/30/2003
Featured Ring Eternal Wisdom Ring is open to all the websites related to Hinduism. The purpose of this Ring is to bring together all the Websites related to the Sanata Dharma.

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