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Let Us Pray (4 Sites, 4 Hits) 12/03/2011

Featured Ring 

Christians are never to stop praying, particularly for each other. We should never hesitate to turn to our fellow believers with our prayer requests and needs, nor should we neglect to pray for them regularly.


Saint Jude (10 Sites, 90 Hits) 08/26/1999

St. Jude is the Patron of hopeless cases, and had been credited with interceding in countless prayers over the centuries. This ring is a place for St. Jude related websites to be found when someone needs help, or wishes to thank the Saint when a prayer has been answered.


Christian Prayer and Fellowship (20 Sites, 37 Hits) 10/27/2001
Featured Ring We welcome Christian Web sites that trust the Word of God and promote the fellowship of prayer among His people.

Global Prayer Warriors (9 Sites, 17 Hits) 08/23/1999
Featured Ring The Global Prayer Warriors webring joins together websites, webpages, blogs, photo galleries, etc, for the purpose of glorifying our Lord and Savior and seeking "What Would Jesus do (WWJD)". A circle of Christians united in prayer; reaching out with the Love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ; sharing on our sites aspect of the Salvation message, messages of hope, Scripture, testimonies, songs, prayer, etc. On 2/1/07 the What Would Jesus Do and the Global Prayer Warrior webrings became one. To join, sites must be in English or have the option to be read in English. Religious, educational, business, private or public websites, etc. may join. Sites must addresses some aspect of the goals of this webring. God's Blessing to all!

Church in the Wildwood  (19 Sites, 12 Hits) 02/22/2002
Featured Ring 

Christian fellowship for those of us who are unable to leave our homes to whorship in our comunities... We opened a Church for "shut-ins" and friends on the Web. For prayer, love, song, fellowship and laughter... join us at the Little Church in the Cyber Dale... please join us!

Houses of Prayer (10 Sites, 56 Hits) 06/16/1999
Featured Ring The Houses of Prayer Webring consists of sites that are dedicated to the practice of Christian prayer or that have pages devoted to Christian prayer. A page must contain substantive prayer related content. Examples include personal prayers, prayers by others (please give credit), Biblical prayers, or teachings on prayer. It may contain a bulletin board for prayer requests or links to other sites but without other material, these alone are insufficient for inclusion.

Helpers on the WWW (7 Sites, 10 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This is a ring for people who enjoy helping others on the WWW. Whether it be with an ear to bend or help with a webpage. I know there are a lot of us out there, so come on, get on the peace train! Join today!***no non-G rated sites will be allowed...Thanks! (**)

Circle of Prayer (24 Sites, 80 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring A webring to join together all the people who need our prayers. So many people out there have prayer requests that never get seen unless someone accidentally surfs by their webpage. This way we can help to make sure they aren't forgotten.  Join with us in praying one for another to make this world a better place to live in.

Pray without Ceasing (7 Sites, 13 Hits) 05/12/2002
Featured Ring 

A group of web sites dedicated to prayer praise and spreading the word of God. Reaching the World one heart at a time!



Christians in Pain WebRing (6 Sites, 29 Hits) 05/23/2000
Featured Ring This is a webring for sites assisting Christians in physical, spiritual, or emotional pain from any source.

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