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PrayTheRosary Apostolate (5 Sites, 132 Hits) 02/20/2004

Featured Ring A ring for all Sites promoting a devotion to the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our motto: To Jesus Through Mary. Rosary Makers welcome! Catholic Sites which honor Jesus and Mary are encouraged to apply!

Virgin full of Grace Webring (6 Sites, 45 Hits) 07/07/1998
Featured Ring 

This Webring is for all who love our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of all Graces. Websites honoring her, listing Marian prayers or dogma, testimonials about her intercession, and Our Lady's role in our lives and in Christianity are welcome!

Carmelite Ring (16 Sites, 1046 Hits) 07/12/1998
Featured Ring A Carmelite webring of the Roman Catholic church, including Carmelites from the Discalced,Ancient Observance(O.Carm), Third or Secular Orders, & Personal homepages of Carmelites.

Lay Carmelites Of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (4 Sites, 25 Hits) 05/04/2002
Featured Ring 

The webring is for all Lay Carmelites, their families and friends of Carmel who have websites. We follow our Lady of Mount Carmel through Carmelite Spirituality.

Mother Teresa Catholic Ring: The Path of Love (30 Sites, 134 Hits) 01/11/1998
Featured Ring Mother Teresa tribute ring. This webring links homepages devoted to Mother Teresa, Catholic works, or any works or topics that follow the principles of love and charity. Mother Teresa said, "Good deeds are links that form a chain of Love." Let each of our pages represent a good deed in Mother's honor!

For the Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary (26 Sites, 303 Hits) 12/09/1997
Featured Ring Welcome to For the Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

A webring for people who honor the Blessed Mother, and wish to share with others their cyberaltars, artwork, prayers, and miracles they have experienced due to her intervention in their lives. Also to be included are websites that deal with her through Catholic tradition.

Tridentine Catholic Church (7 Sites, 390 Hits) 10/18/2001
Featured Ring For Devout Catholics.

A traditional Church whose sole purpose is to teach the Catholic Faith while preserving the ancient liturgies, especially the Latin Tridentine Liturgy.

Traditional Catholic Webring (6 Sites, 241 Hits) 11/24/2001
Featured Ring Sites that hold fast to the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and reject the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council. This ring is no longer accepting blog pages.This is now a closed ring and membership is by invitation only.

Catholic Prayer Ring (15 Sites, 186 Hits) 02/12/2002
Featured Ring 
Catholics and Protestants, alike --

We believe in the power of prayer!

Defending Traditional Catholicism (6 Sites, 193 Hits) 11/07/2004
Featured Ring † A ring comprised of authentic Catholic Sites which promote and defend strong, traditional Catholic values.

Members sites represent various aspects of Roman Catholic faith and practice, doctrine and dogma, history and tradition.

The Catholic Church - the True Church of Jesus Christ.†

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