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Children's Rights After Divorce (4 Sites, 12 Hits) 04/15/2002

Featured Ring Dedicated to being a voice for kids of divorce, who are deemed as property, rather than "people", by Family Court.

A1J - Divorce, Parenting, Custody, Support and Visitation (4 Sites, 67 Hits) 02/25/2006
Featured Ring What to DO during the Divorce Process? For the kids Make sure you consider what your children are going through. Legally - Communicate as much as possible with your spouse. Many problems regarding property and custody crop up during the divorce simply because spouses do not communicate. For you - Experience has shown that compromising couples settle divorces quicker and for less money. What NOT to do during this Period? Legally - If you have kids, don't violate or complicate custody and visitation arrangements. Even if they're only temporary arrangements a court may view a meddlesome person as disrespectful of the court and this may alter the permanent arrangement the court later decides on. Don't mess around with your assets too much. Courts are suspicious of people that provide wildly different documentation of their assets than the spouse said they had. For you - Don't schedule a vacation during this period. You don't want to have to disrupt your vacation to go to court.

Children's Rights (3 Sites, 11 Hits) 01/12/2002
Featured Ring 

Children, in divorced families, have the right to enjoy maximum involvement with both parents.

In all families, children have as much right as the rest of us; to be treated with love, compassion, equality, respect, and dignity.

Members, in this ring, are dedicated to preserving children's rights.


Adult Kids of Divorce (2 Sites, 8 Hits) 05/07/1999
Featured Ring Our webring is for anyone 18 or older whose parents have divorced. Originally this ring was intended for those who were adults at the time of the divorce; but I believe it should include all adult children of divorce, as the differences are surprisingly few! The ring contains both sites concerning adult children of divorce and personal homepages of adult children of divorce.

NoDivorces (2 Sites, 147 Hits) 10/14/2001
Featured Ring Christian Web Sites committed to the preservation of marriage. Do please join us and invite others. 

Divorce Support and Care Sites (1 Sites, 18 Hits) 06/04/2002
Featured Ring 
This ring is for victims of divorce, Christians and non; whether going through a divorce, needing emotional support in overcoming the effects of divorce, trying find your rightful place with God as a result of the guilt of divorce, or, first, just needing to grieve.

"A wounded spirit who can bear?"
Proverbs 18:14

Whatever your need, we hope to be of help.

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