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Everything in Regional/Countries/Japan.

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CoolJapan Guys (5 Sites, 16 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring CoolJapan guys (only) - JPOP guys, idol guys, model guys, like Kaneshiro, Harada, Sorimachi, Okada, and more. CoolJapan real guys also welcome to join (no anime please).

Japan Ring (62 Sites, 1234 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring is for sites about Japan, including, but not limited to language, tourism, photography, services, culture, entertainment and tradition.


Celebrity Fan Pod in JAPAN (4 Sites, 18 Hits) 06/05/1998
Featured Ring This webring conteins the celebrity sites in Japan.

Gaijin Ring (9 Sites, 105 Hits) 12/12/1999
Featured Ring gai·jin (gī'jēn', -jĭn') n. pl. gaijin.A non-Japanese person. From the Japanese: gai; outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese wajh) jin; person.


This Ring is for sites about the lives and experiances of foreigners who live or have lived in Japan.  This is the ring where east truly meets west!

Japan (9 Sites, 8 Hits) 06/15/1998
Featured Ring This ring is for all sites pertaining to that beautiful island nation of Japan.

...Korea & Japan... (12 Sites, 13 Hits) 03/08/2004
Featured Ring Anything about South Korea, North Korea or Japan. Language sites about learning Korean or Japanese is also good. Warning! Teaching English in Korea is extremely risky! You will not make money doing it, so we recommend you don't do it unless its purely as a hobby or for travelling purposes. We love Korea, but the hagwon system is corrupt and the people who run them will steal your money and abuse your rights every chance they get.

Japanese Entertainment Ring (14 Sites, 42 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Japanese Entertainment Ring, aka J-Ent, is a ring is for people who have web pages dedicated to any aspect of Japanese Entertainment. Subjects for the ring can include Anime, Japanese Music, TV, Movies, Magazines, Manga, Fashion, Actors, Actresses, Kaigu Eiga, etc.

Friends of Japan - Webring (6 Sites, 69 Hits) 02/19/2001
Featured Ring Friends of Japan - Webring: Connecting people, who are interested in Japan, Japanese culture and people.

Japan Arts (4 Sites, 10 Hits) 06/05/2001
Featured Ring This ring includes all kinds of japanese arts like ikebana, origami, martial arts, paintings, sculptures, tearitual,...

Okinawa WebRing (3 Sites, 29 Hits) 06/08/1998
Featured Ring The Okinawa Ring - All Okinawa / All the Time!

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