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Brockville (7 Sites) 12/13/1997

Featured Ring This Webring is to bring all of the people of Brockville and the surrounding area closer together. Any and all Residents/businesses of Brockville and the Surrounding area are more then welcome to join, or just come and use our chat.

Ontario (4 Sites, 19 Hits) 06/19/1998
Featured Ring 

The "Ontario WebRing" is for people who live in Ontario and have a web site that they would like to share with other Ontarians, as well as the rest of the world. These folks are either a resident of Ontario, or have a site that has a positive focus on showcasing Ontario to the world. Businesses and private sites included.

Ontario - Yours To Discover (46 Sites, 135 Hits) 06/11/2005
Featured Ring For all things within Ontario. From Farming to Shopping to Food to Transportation to hobbies to sports to recreation to camping to fishing to hunting to art galleries to artists to museums to just PEOPLE from Ontario. Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Guelph, Whitby, Barrie, Kingston, Niagara, Walkerton, Owen Sound, Sudbury, Timmins. Anyone and anything about Ontario.

Artists of Ontario (27 Sites, 10 Hits) 12/04/2001
Featured Ring All artists of Ontario are welcome! Musicians, actors, singers, dancers are welcome too! Toronto, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Kitchener, Waterloo, Chatham, Guelph, Hamilton, Sarnia, Niagara Falls, Sudbury, Walkerton, Brampton, Whitby. Paintings, sculpture, drawings, music, modern dance, fine art of all kinds. Logo by Canadian artist Charles Alexander Moffat.

The Toronto Webring (45 Sites, 71 Hits) 01/14/2002
Featured Ring Toronto, hogtown, the capitol of Ontario and the largest city in Canada, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Everything from Queen Street to Yonge Street to York University, to the University of Toronto, to Ryerson University, to Spadina, to Chinatown, to Kensington, to Steeles street, to Keele street, to the GO Transit system, to the TTC (the Toronto Transit system), to the Skydome, to the CN Tower, to the Hockey Hall of Fames (both of them), to the Eatons Centre (old and new), to Yorkdale, to that weird guy at the corner of the Eatons Centre who hands out religious pamphlets, to the guy near city hall with his pet rats, to Richmond Hill, to Scarborough, to Mississauga, to Beaches and everything in between. To Honest Ed's, to Enza Anderson (the drag queen who ran for mayor), to Church Street (the gay/lesbian community), to the Gay Pride Parade, to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) all of the great galleries in Toronto, Mel Lastman (the Mayor of the Greater Toronto Area), the arts, the culture, and everything you can see in Toronto (the goth capitol of the world). :) Toronto artists, musicians, dancers, actors and filmmakers welcome. This IS Hollywood North. - - - - - - The logo is by international Toronto artist Charles Alexander Moffat, and is a portrait of Toronto's dance diva "Julie" with the Toronto skyline in the background. This painting is at the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

Ontario Businesses (8 Sites, 40 Hits) 04/21/1998
Featured Ring The Ontario Businesses web ring was created to assist all types of businesses in the great province of Ontario Canada in presenting their products and services to the internet community.

Ontario Teachers' Webring (4 Sites, 78 Hits) 02/22/1999
Featured Ring The Ontario Teachers Webring was formed in an attempt to link the growing number of Web sites devoted to education in Ontario, Canada. Information that offers lesson and unit plans or links that could be used by those teaching in Ontario are welcome. Our Web sites are in association with Townfriend Internet Communities. "Establishing friendships from town to town..."

Day Tripping Ontario (1 Sites, 145 Hits) 01/03/2002
Featured Ring This ring contains webpages for destinations to and from Ontario, Canada. Day or Week road trip ideas, with lodging and reservation tips and reviews. These sites are about people's own favorite spot in Ontario.

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