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Aussies on the Web (5 Sites, 35 Hits) 02/28/2001

Featured Ring G'day mate! This is a ring of websites by Australians (living in Australia or as expatriates elsewhere) or by persons of other nationalities who are living in Australia. This ring is mostly about personal sites and people, but there are some commercial sites, as well, which feature good Aussie character and are of interest to Aussies (in Australia and abroad).

Australian Tourism Ring (11 Sites, 284 Hits) 08/13/1999
Featured Ring The Australian Tourism and Tourists Ring contains quality sites about the ecology and culture of the Wide Brown Land. Professional and personal sites include travel photography, accomodation, destinations and much more..

Aussie Pride (8 Sites, 14 Hits) 09/22/2000
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Proud to be Australian. Are you looking for Aussie sites, Sites created by or about Australia and Australians? Then pay us a visit. This ring is dedicated to all those who are Proud to be Aussie. Are your a Proud Aussie? Have a website? Here you can list your site as a mark that you are proud to be an Aussie.

Aussie Blogs (8 Sites, 962 Hits) 03/31/2000
Featured Ring G'day!

If you follow along through our WebRing, it will take you to lots of Blogs written by Aussies - they might be about our GREAT country or really about nearly anything at all.

Some of them are dinki-di and some of them are just plain ding-aling!

If you want to find out what Aussies are blogging about - here is THE place to look...

If you are an Aussie Blogger - please feel free to JOIN US...

The All Australian Web Ring (13 Sites, 40 Hits) 06/20/2001
Featured Ring A web ring designed for ALL AUSTRALIANS, from all walks of life, bringing us together as one. Your site must have content of interest and not be just a series of links to other web sites. Family approved sites only.

The Australian Ring (39 Sites, 740 Hits) 10/30/2001
Featured Ring Originally started in 1996, to promote Australian Websites and their Authors. "The Australian Ring" connects Websites that are by Australians or about Australia. Our members may not be Australian but all the Websites have something to do with Australia......


Australia On Line (15 Sites, 29 Hits) 06/20/2000
Featured Ring This is site for all the people of Australia who have a home page your page can be on any subject and you must live in Australia to join.

Rally, Australians!  (10 Sites, 38 Hits) 01/23/2001
Featured Ring You've just landed in the Community for all things Australian. Ranging from business to personal, "Rally, Australians!" brings together sites hailing from the Land Down Under.

Australian History WebRing (7 Sites, 254 Hits) 08/17/1999
Featured Ring The Australian History Ring includes sites about Aboriginal history, colonial days, convicts and transportation, exploration, politics, military history, regional and local...

Australian Websites (5 Sites, 51 Hits) 04/01/2002
Featured Ring As you stroll through our Ring, you will find Websites that are about our great southern land - COME IN FOR A "CAPTAIN COOK" AND SAY G'DAY - We are used to visitors dropping by without warning.

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