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Shorinji Kempo (5 Sites, 34 Hits) 05/25/1999

Featured Ring This Web Ring is made up of  web sites relating to Shorinji Kempo. Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese Martial Art founded by Doshin So that promotes learning and understanding of ourselves and others. It is now found in 32 countries in the world. The purpose of learning Shorinji Kempo is not for winning matches or for beating others, and it is not just a martial art or a sport, but a training method to become self-reliant.



Martial Arts (85 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring The Martial Arts Ring exists for the purpose of linking the Martial Arts community, to provide an easy and comprehensive access of martial arts pages for all people. In the spirit of good will and brother/sister hood any page that provides information on any aspect of martial arts is welcome. The site has a G rating, and it hopes to represent the martial arts community as a whole, so please no profanity, or pornographic material. There are many different types of martial arts. Some are hard style, which means that they involve high velocity strikes. Some are soft style, such as the Chinese animal styles, which were patterned after the movements of animals. Some were practiced in order to achieve a meditative state, maintain physical health, develop fluidity of motion. Some were designed with bare hands and feet because no weapons were available. Some weapons were developed from farm instruments. And some today resemble stylized dances.

Martial Arts - Aikido (10 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Aikido is a Japanese martial art that depends on the laws of physics for its effectiveness, especially centrifugal force, to redirect the direction of the attacker's motion. It teaches techniques that require minimum physical exertion on the part of the defender, to throw the opponent to the ground. It was developed by Morihei Ueshiba. It intends to control without injury.

Martial Arts - books and equipment (3 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Online stores that sell books on martial arts, videos, DVD sets, equipment, uniforms, belts, and supplies.

Martial Arts - Christian Martial Artists (1 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Schools that incorporate Christian philosophy, offer Christian ministries, and artists who practice according to Christian tenets. Often martial arts demonstrations are staged to show the war between good and evil, and the nature of salvation.

Martial Arts - Hapkido (3 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Hapkido sites, or sites with Hapkido information. Hapkido is the Korean martial art of throwing and grappling. It is necessary first to get the opponent on the ground; hence, the throws. As an eclectic martial art, it also employs vital point strikes, restraints, throws, kicks and strikes, and weapons.

Martial Arts - Judo and Jiu Jitsu (9 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Japanese grappling and throwing arts.

Martial Arts - Karate (20 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring All styles of Karate. Karate is the Japanese hard style martial art, which consists of punches and kicks. It depends for its effectiveness on rapid velocity strikes. It was derived from Chinese Kenpo, and involves also knee and elbow strikes. Some styles also incorporate grappling, locks, pressure points, and weapons.

Martial Arts - Kung Fu and Chinese animal styles (5 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Various Chinese animal styles, soft styles. A soft style is characterized by low velocity, fluid motions. The various animal styles are named after specific animals, and the techniques were developed by watching how the animal fights. These techniques are then used in the animal style named after the animal. There is some philosophy that indicates that the Chinese believed that the animal lent its strength to the practitioner of its style. Kung fu is the generic term for Chinese martial arts as a way of life.

Martial Arts - Philosophy (16 Sites, 693 Hits) 03/09/1998
Featured Ring Martial arts are often taught along with philosophy of life. The degree to which this is emphasized varies. Most commonly, philosophical ideas of Buddhism, including Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity are taught. In some cases, martial arts were practiced by monks as a method of self defense. Certain rules of life are emphasized in all the good schools, involving character traits such as courtesy, integrity, and perseverance.

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