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Hockey Cards (9 Sites, 7 Hits) 07/23/1998

Featured Ring  A WebRing for individual EXTREME collectors interested in buying, selling, and trading Hockey Cards and Memorobilia online !

NHL (17 Sites, 39 Hits) 03/06/1999
Featured Ring The Alliance of NHL Fan pages is a ring dedicated to representing every NHL team with the highest-quality non-official website in existence.

NHL PROUD Hockey Ring (25 Sites, 20 Hits) 02/28/2001
Featured Ring "LIFE without Hockey is NO life at ALL!"

Members sites consist of top-notch NHL sites.


Roger Neilson Memorial WebRing (11 Sites, 6 Hits) 01/06/2001
Featured Ring We acknowledged him as an innovative hockey mind. We respected him as a knowledgable coach. We recognized him for those colorful, tacky ties. We prayed with him and for him as he faced cancer with the same determination that he instilled in his players. We will remember him for the integrity he brought to the game. Hockey fans, please join in remembering Roger, promoted to coach the Lord's hockey team on June 21, 2003. Hockey's loss is Heaven's gain.

Hockey Hotties (7 Sites, 73 Hits) 05/21/2001
Featured Ring This ring is to join together sites on your favorite hockey players! Sites on both Ice and Roller hockey players are welcome!

Attacking Zone Hockey (8 Sites, 409 Hits) 12/08/2000
Featured Ring The Attacking Zone Hockey websites reflect that hockey is a sport of speed and elegance, but also one demanding courage and physical will.

Hockey Central (4 Sites, 29 Hits) 01/01/1998
Featured Ring The Hockey Central Ring contains some of the best NHL sites on the web.

Women's NHL Sites (3 Sites, 4 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Women's NHL ring is for female fans only! It's not that we don't like guys, it's just that we feel misunderstood when it comes to our knowledge of the game. We are sick of being called "puck bunnies" and long for acceptance as knowledgable and credible fans. Here is a haven for the misunderstood. Even though our title infers that we are only an NHL ring, we also welcome members with women's hockey pages, amateur hockey pages, etc.

Anti-Leafs Webring (2 Sites, 7 Hits) 11/15/2003
Featured Ring A webring deticated to the Toronto Maple Leafs. And how much they suck!

Minnesota Wild (2 Sites, 2 Hits) 08/09/2000
Featured Ring Minnesota Wild Hockey Web Ring, only web sites that are Minnesota Wild or NHL Oriented will be allowed to join this webring.

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