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Carriage Driving (12 Sites, 470 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring Come "hitch up" with us at the Carriage Driving Ring. Here you will find sites for every aspect of Carriage Driving. We have information about horses, carriages, events and supplies.



Morgans as Sport Horses (6 Sites, 48 Hits) 08/13/2000
Featured Ring Morgan Sport Horses have the conformation, athletic movement, jumping ability and temperament of any other breed of sport horses.

Equestrian Education (5 Sites, 6 Hits) 11/07/1998
Featured Ring If you think you want a horse, it is important to do all your research before making the big purchase. An excellent place to start is by surfing the websites in this Equestrian Education Ring.



Barefoot Horses (9 Sites, 511 Hits) 06/20/2000
Featured Ring  Untitled document

This web ring is dedicated to the promotion of High Performance Barefoot Horses. Through education and shared experiences, the members of this ring are advocating a return to the natural horse. They are challenging conventional horsekeeping practices in favor of naturally healthy and sound barefoot horses. This ring does not list sites that advocate barefoot trimming methods that are not natural or based on natural principles as defined by wild and free-roaming equids.

Horse Trainers (5 Sites, 92 Hits) 07/25/2004
Featured Ring The Horse Trainers Web Ring links together websites that focus on full-time professional horse trainers and clinicians who promote their training and clinic businesses through their websites.



Equine Advertisers WebRing (45 Sites, 261 Hits) 03/22/1998
Featured Ring Equine Advertisers includes sites that sell Horses, Tack, Equipment, Equine related Products and Services, Stallions at Stud, and Farm Real Estate for Sale horse

Horse Sales (21 Sites, 57 Hits) 10/10/2000
Featured Ring Place for the people to sell their horses and get their websites out into internet space.

Sporthorse Breeders WebRing (22 Sites, 113 Hits) 03/12/1998
Featured Ring The Sporthorse Breeders Web Ring has been established to help both Sporthorse breeders network and to help potential buyers, breeders/mare owners and trainers search the web more efficiently for Sporthorses at stud, for sale or other services related to producing outstanding equestrian athletes.

The West Coast Horses Webring (19 Sites, 15 Hits) 03/18/2000
Featured Ring This webring was designed to bring together all of the "professional" horsemen/horsewomen such as breeders, trainers, etc. in the West Coast region of the United States in one searchable directory. (All horse classified sites are welcome regardless of location!)All breeds and disciplines are welcome! If your site fits this description JOIN TODAY!

Horse and Rider (16 Sites, 64 Hits) 06/12/2000
Featured Ring The Horse and Rider Web Ring is for anyone who loves horses. Here you will find information about all breeds of horses and you will learn about the people who breed them and those who care for and ride them. We have sites for tack shops, boarding stables, feed stores, equine gift shops and more. You will also find Horse owners and trainers, ranches and event and competition information.



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