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Personal Watercraft WebRing (13 Sites, 214 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring The Personal Watercraft Ring links quality sites related to jet skis such as Waverunners and Sea-Doos. Member sites have maintenance tips, legal advice, stunts, racing and a host of other information pertaining to PWC.

Boat Maintenance (6 Sites, 2274 Hits) 12/19/2001
Featured Ring Welcome to Boat maintenance Ring!  Sites in this ring have a lot to offer for boat owners!!

Sites offer information to help people maintain, repair and upgrade their boat, be it a sailboat, power boat, row boat or whatever kind of boat you may have.Also sites that do boat restoration, boat and trailer sales.

UK Waterways (46 Sites, 2497 Hits) 01/19/2002
Featured Ring Welcome to the UK Waterways Web Ring - connecting websites about the Navigations and Canals of the UK! This ring is for websites with inland-waterways-related content. Through this ring you will find a wide variety of sites about canals and rivers, boats and other inland waterway information. Sites must display the Webring code, usually on the home page. If this code is removed, the site will be automatically suspended. Belonging to the ring will bring more visitors to your site but you must be willing to let your own visitors explore other sites on the ring. This ring replaced the former UK Waterways Network Webring.



Boating Webring (65 Sites, 271 Hits) 04/01/1998
Featured Ring Boating inspires the adventurer in us all. From rivers and lakes to the wide-open ocean, boats have been an integral form of global travel and commerce for millennia. Below, you can find sites that all share the common theme of boating - from buying boats to information and tips about how to set sail.


Boating and Sailing (7 Sites, 419 Hits) 02/11/2001
Featured Ring Welcome to the Boating and Sailing!,

Boating and Sailing is open to brokers, dealers, retailers, manufacturers, publishers and suppliers of boats and boating information. It is also open to recreational boaters, yacht club associations, helpful sites containing information on boating and sailing, including fresh water and salt water boating and sailing .

Best Boating Sites (4 Sites, 122 Hits) 06/03/2002
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest boating sites on the Internet today. We have boating for the beginner, boating for the expert, boating for the professional. If you're into boating, come see these sites!

Boat Design (5 Sites, 514 Hits) 02/24/1999
Featured Ring A ring for boat designers and boat builders. As well as amateur boat builders. Any type of boat designers and builders are welcome to join!

The Powerboat Ring (5 Sites, 50 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Powerboaters have a place of their own now! Any nautical site is welcome, but it must contain pages regarding powerboats and related subjects. Got a page for your boat? A page on a beautiful lake or other boating place? Do you have a nautical theme page? Got race boat photos? Join us!

Water Sport Manufacturers (5 Sites, 108 Hits) 09/08/2000
Featured Ring The Water Sport WebRing links manufacturers web sites which are related to the boating, fishing, sailing, and scuba diving industry.

Wooden Boat Ring (6 Sites, 6587 Hits) 02/26/2002
Featured Ring A collection of sites dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and restoration of classic wooden boats.

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