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Hammered Dulcimer Web Ring (6 Sites, 1311 Hits) 08/22/2000

Featured Ring Web sites about the Hammered Dulcimer, Santur, Yang Qin, and related instruments, and their makers, performers, and sellers.


Theremin (5 Sites, 409 Hits) 01/26/1998
Featured Ring A ring of sites featuring information, pictures, construction tips, and trivia about the theremin - an amazing electronic musical instrument! The theremin operates through capacitance. The player waves his hand in the vicinity of the instrument, which produces different pitches, depending on the distance from his hand to the instrument. It gives an eery sound that has been used in some movies, such as The Day the Earth Stood Still. The theremin was invented by a Russian professor, Lev Sergeivich Termen, aka Leon Theremin. It was probably the very first invented electronic instrument. The photo is of a Moog theremin. Moogs were the first electronic synthesizers.

Harpsichord and Clavichord (25 Sites, 1508 Hits) 08/31/1999
Featured Ring Harpsichords and clavichords: instruments, players, builders, repertoire, recordings, etc.

Change Ringing Webring (17 Sites, 366 Hits) 12/22/1998
Featured Ring 

Change Ringing webring. For sites connected with change ringing on tower or hand bells.

The Lute Ring (6 Sites, 508 Hits) 10/29/2001
Featured Ring All about lutes and early guitars

The Vintage Keyboard Webring (5 Sites, 264 Hits) 09/28/1999
Featured Ring Websites devoted to vintage electro-mechanical keyboard instruments.

Guitar (7 Sites, 309 Hits) 09/05/2000
Featured Ring Guitar makers, performers, composers, and those who teach the art of guitar playing.

Instruments (9 Sites, 443 Hits) 01/13/2002
Featured Ring Webring for sites that display and discuss musical instruments.

MID Musical Instrument Dealers Web (3 Sites, 174 Hits) 09/08/1998
Featured Ring Currently providing links to web sites that either deal, make, or repair musical instruments of all types from around the world. Join now and see the benefits this ring can provide for you.

AaA Handbell Web Ring and Banner Exchange AaA (2 Sites, 25 Hits) 07/09/2005
Featured Ring handbell music sites. 

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