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Alternative Music Community (5 Sites, 12 Hits) 08/04/2000

Featured Ring Alternative music links. Including the bands Korn, Foo Fighters, Silverchair, Lit, Nirvana, Placebo, Everclear, Incubus, Deftones, Helmet, Far, Downset, Nofx, Bosstones, Link 80, Weezer, Real Big Fish, Our Lady Peace, Green Day, Fu-manchu, Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney, Feeder, Wilt, My Vitriol, Kerbdog and many more.

Shoegazer Band (8 Sites, 124 Hits) 08/08/1999
Featured Ring Dedicated to the Shoegazer style of music for the bands and fans to enjoy and discover each other. Bands from the USA and around the world. Also focusing on the overall sound with detail to effects, guitars and amps played by different bands with production tips.

Alternative Music Sites (6 Sites, 7 Hits) 03/28/2002
cant slot ur band into a genre without underselling the bands full potential, join the ring! and we shall be many!

MP3 Web Ring (6 Sites, 22 Hits) 08/10/2000
Featured Ring An official MP3 Web Ring for artists, musicians and their promoters... All MP3s available thru this ring must be authorized for net distribution.

Alternative music (11 Sites, 95 Hits) 10/14/2000
Featured Ring Web ring for music that is alternative and unconventional.

EXTREME ALTERNATIVE (5 Sites, 7 Hits) 09/27/2001
Featured Ring Webring of extreme artists with uncompromising hard-edge and experimental stylings, and resources from the valleys to the mountain tops! Rock, Metal, Indie, Pop, it doesn't freakin' matter!! Welcoming music from all walks of life!

Rockin' (7 Sites, 60 Hits) 03/22/1998
Featured Ring Find in this ring all manner of websites, personal, academic and commercial, regarding rock 'n roll, especially (but not limited to) alternative rock.  Pictured on this page:  Love Tractor.  On the NavBar:  Exene Cervenka of X.

Alternative Ring (32 Sites, 24 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Alternative Ring is a webring that connects websites that have to do with alternative music. So if your site has something to do with alternative music or the bands that make the music, join today!

Honest unsigned talent webring (9 Sites, 7 Hits) 03/03/2001
Featured Ring Webring for bands and artists with HONEST musical talent, and want to rise above the "production line" of the modern music industry. Sites dedicated to the analysis of modern music and the modern music industry, or who just like to badmouth "handfed" music are also more than welcome!

Indie-Loop WebRing (10 Sites, 5 Hits) 09/09/2000
Featured Ring A symbiotic and eclectic collection of Indie Artists and Bands, representing the unseen world of the music business. CDs, Mp3s, all types of music are available to the visitor here. Websites featuring all styles of Indie artists and bands are invited to join. What're you waiting for?

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