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American Idol: The Search For A Superstar (10 Sites, 130 Hits) 04/30/2002

Featured Ring For all American Idol competitions, 1, 2, 3 and Junior Idol fan websites. Search for a Superstar.




Ofra Haza Memorial (8 Sites, 148 Hits) 11/13/2000
Featured Ring This webring gathers the most important and complete sites in honour and memory of the outstanding Israeli artist Ofra Haza. Our loving tribute to Her.

IndieRing (136 Sites, 220 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring A ring for independent artists, musicians and bands.

Women in Music (30 Sites, 230 Hits) 05/21/2000
Featured Ring  Untitled document

This is a ring of websites about or by women of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and eras who are involved in music:  singers, songwriters, composers, musicians, groups, soloists, in any genre, including but not limited to rock, pop, soul, blues, swing, jazz, classical, opera, ancient, medieval, ethnic, progressive, alternative, punk and big band.  Pictured:  Miriam Makeba.

Music Artist's & Fan Club WebRing (28 Sites, 193 Hits) 03/18/1999
Featured Ring A Web Ring where musical artist's and their fan clubs find a home! Official and unofficial fan clubs from all genre's of music are welcome to participate, but requested to identify genre and status of web site.

Artists and Bands Webring (9 Sites, 112 Hits) 04/13/2001
Featured Ring Our Webring members are some of the best new artists and bands you will find on the internet. Most members have free MP3 music that they created and make available for you to download.

Music Lovers (9 Sites, 214 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Find in this WebRing (which, despite its illustration -- Richard Chamberlain as Pyotr Illyitch Tchaikovsky in Ken Russell's 1970 film, "The Music Lovers" --  is not a tribute to said film) websites personal, academic and commercial regarding all forms and applications of music.

Music HeAVEN :: The Music Ring (25 Sites, 114 Hits) 06/06/2002
Featured Ring Quotes, Fansites, Lyrics, Discography's, Band Pics.. Big, Small.. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk...

A SHOWCASE of sites that have anything to do with any kind of music!

Grace's Amazing Music (12 Sites, 117 Hits) 02/04/1998
Featured Ring Please visit homepage if you have any questions: Grace's Amazing Music Ring is up-to-date and functional. All kinds of music sites are welcome! Midi, Real Audio, Wav, Au, Pictures of musical groups and bands, anything related to music! Join the fun in the Grace's Amazing Music Ring family!

Wild Cherry (5 Sites, 35 Hits) 02/06/2001
Featured Ring This is the Wild Cherry webring. The ring is named for the group who disbanded in 1981. Logo itself is from Wild Cherry's self-titled album cover. All other artist sites are allowed here. The only exceptions are: the ringmaster's site & other non-music sites allowed with ringmaster's permission. Neither are not related to music in any way. Any questions, contact the ringmaster.

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