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The Wide Web of Model Horses (55 Sites, 460 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring A WebRing for Model Horse Enthusiasts

The Express Racing Webring (5 Sites, 26 Hits) 02/23/2004
Featured Ring A webring for member of The Express, an organization dedicated to the game of realistic simulated "other breed" (non-Thoroughbred) horse racing. For more information, go to

Model Horse Collectors (19 Sites, 123 Hits) 06/15/1998
Featured Ring Collecting model horses can be fun for any age. Even those unable to have real horses can create their own stables of model horses. If you collect, show, or trade model horses, you will want to explore the sites in our Ring. Sites include information on most of the model horses available including Breyers, Hagen Renakers, Hartlands, Stones, Grand Champions, and more!


Original Model Horse Pages Webring (38 Sites, 94 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring A ring to link together sites for people involved with model horses. Whether you are a dealer, a collector, a sculptor, or a model tack maker....... if there is info about model horses in your web site we want YOU! *Please if you are an old member or a new member please read the join page carefully and learn about the new rules.*

Model Horses-Breyer Brand (4 Sites, 51 Hits) 03/25/2002
Featured Ring Do you love seeing the new model horses that Breyer puts out? Do you look forward to new releases each year? If so, you will enjoy the websites in this webring. If you're looking for a model horse or just enjoy looking at pictures of Breyer model horses, this webring has something for everyone..

Model Horses-Arabians (4 Sites, 29 Hits) 09/30/1998
Featured Ring These Model Horses-Arabians websites provide information about collecting model Arabian horses. You'll find pictures of their collections and even models available for sale. It's a good place to start if you are interested in the hobby of collecting model horses, in this case, Arabian horses.

Gaited Model Horses (5 Sites, 9 Hits) 09/25/2001
Featured Ring A collection of websites that feature gaited model breeds such as Missouri Fox Trotters, Saddlebreds, Tennesee Walkers, Paso Finos, etc. Whether you create model gaited horses or just enjoy collecting or pedigreeing them, you'll find interesting websites here.

Model Horses-Photographers and Live Shows (7 Sites, 16 Hits) 04/05/2000
Featured Ring Collecting model horses is fun for all ages. Many of the owners of these websites started collecting when they were children. Now they take great joy in setting up stables of model horses and photographing them for inclusion in website "horse shows". Others participate in real model horse shows where they show off their best models. These websites cover all the major model horse brands including, but not limited to Breyers, Hagen Renakers, Hartlands, Stones, Grand Champions, and more! Both new collectors and more experienced collectors will enjoy visiting these websites.

Model & Real Draft Horse Lovers Ring (5 Sites, 12 Hits) 10/03/2000
Featured Ring This ring is for people who collect and show draft model horses, and those who own, ride, and show real draft horses. If you have model or real draft horses, join this ring. Our sites offer model horse resources and equestrian supplies, draft horse discussion boards, and more. Horse breeders, horse lovers, and model horse enthusiasts gather here!

Simulated Horse Racing (6 Sites, 15 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring For supporters of simulated realistic horse racing, a form of fantasy gaming. Participants form their own racing and breeding stables and run in races as close to the real thing as possible. An emphasis is placed on realism, as well as a knowledge of real horse bloodlines and racing rules.

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