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Hobby Foundry (13 Sites, 3312 Hits) 10/31/2001

Featured Ring This ring is setup for the exchange of information among people doing small scale metal casting.

The Hobby Machinists WebRing (11 Sites, 1144 Hits) 09/01/2001
Featured Ring A collection of websites about metalworking.

Armourers (3 Sites, 215 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Untitled document

This ring is dedicated to all forms of chainmail, leather, and plate armour, and its history, construction, distribution and use.  Armour found here may be, but is not limited to, SCA legal combat armour, period chain, leather, and plate, beginner projects and advanced patterns.  Pictured:  "Portrait of a Knight" (1510) by Vittore Scarpazzo (1450-6 - 1523-6), better known as Vittore Carpaccio.   On the NavBar:  a detail from a lithograph credited to Hodgson (the distributor, not the lithographer) and entitled "The joust between the Lord of the Tournament and the Knight of the Red Rose" (1840); there exists a lithograph by that very title by Edward Henry Corbould (1815 - 1905) depicting the same event (the Eglinton Tournament of 1840) but it's a different picture!

Blacksmithing (2 Sites, 38 Hits) 07/10/2000
Featured Ring  Blacksmithing

Blacksmiths are people who create objects out of iron or steel using an assortment of tools to mold the metal into the desired shape. Both cold forging (metal at room temperature) and hot forging (metal heated until it glows) are used to create items ranging from wrought-iron gates to sculptures. Find here websites personal, commercial and/or academic pertaining to blacksmithing, tools, supplies or completed objects. Pictured:  "The Forge" (circa 1819) by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828).

Metalsmith's (1 Sites, 3228 Hits) 11/17/1999
Featured Ring 

This ring includes blacksmiths, tinsmiths, coppersmiths, silversmiths, whitesmiths, foundries, and any other related sites. Our goal is to provide a resource to preserve and promote the metal-working arts.

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