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Best Collectibles Sites  (5 Sites, 13 Hits) 11/30/2001

Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest collectibles sites on the Internet today. If people are collecting it, you'll probably find it here, from collectible postcards to collectible coins. Come see!

Village Collectors (10 Sites, 108 Hits) 05/15/2003
Featured Ring 

A Place where all Village fanatics can meet, to find as well as post links to other related sites and or pages. Villages include Lemax, Department 56 etc.... Christmas Halloween etc.......


Online Collectibles for Collectors (19 Sites, 65 Hits) 09/19/1999
Featured Ring The Online Collectibles Ring is for visitors who like collecting different types of collectables ... Here you will find websites with hard to find and unique items.


Casino Chip Collectors (5 Sites, 141 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Casino Chip Collectors WebRing. Here you will find lots of interesting websites of traders and collectors, suppliers, sellers and buyers of casino chips and vintage casino memorabilia.



All Kinds Of Collectibles (12 Sites, 272 Hits) 05/09/2002
Featured Ring Discounted collectibles & more! Discounted travel links, gifts, flowers, novelties, books, clothes, music, posters, movies, pet care, perfume, soccer, hockey, beanie babies & so much more!!

Gifts and Crafts WebRing (47 Sites, 211 Hits) 11/30/2000
Featured Ring 

This ring is comprised of a wealth of online gift and craft stores.  Stained glass, floral creations, and candles,  just to name a few. 



Treasures Of A Lifetime: (5 Sites, 21 Hits) 07/05/2003
Featured Ring  Untitled document

A collection of sites detailing many different items considered of value to one and all.

Collectibles (4 Sites, 35 Hits) 02/03/2003
Featured Ring Find in this ring sites presenting collectibles for sale, collections proudly displayed or treatises on the phenomenon of collecting.  A collectible is whatever someone collects, not necessarily for its intrinsic value, which may be one factor, or its rarity, which may be another, but perhaps instead, or also, because the collector is drawn to the item collected.  Some folks collect the works of Picasso, which are extremely valuable; others collect fossils, valuable for their rarity and their anthropological implications.  Some people collect bottle caps, which only have monetary value to other people who collect bottle caps.  Beanie Babies, anyone?  Pictured on this page:  blue bottles (lots of folks collect these!) courtesy Wikimedia Commons member holly.  On the NavBar:  per Wikimedia Commons member Gilgongo, whose photo this is, "Lapel badge of the 1964 National Olympic Team of Northern Rhodesia. Northern Rhodesia became Zambia on 25th October 1964, the day of the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Zambia thereby became the first country ever to change its name and flag between the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games."

Fabulous Fifties Web Ring (26 Sites, 596 Hits) 08/13/1998
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Fabulous 50's - tailfins cars music fashion furniture ect., of the the Fabulous 1950's

All Collectibles WebRing (44 Sites, 150 Hits) 07/30/2000
Featured Ring This webring is for websites about anything that is collected, from art to toys, from antiques to tokens, from artifacts to stamps, from coins to signatures, from cards to seashells, from books to teapots, from bells to tools, from bottles to matchbooks, from beanie babies to vases, and much much more.





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