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Antique Lighting (10 Sites, 792 Hits) 02/25/1999

Featured Ring The Antique Lighting Webring is for anyone who is interested in antique lighting. Websites include clubs, homepages or commercial sites primarily dedicated to the study and collecting of historic lighting. Come check it out!

Antique Iron Collectors (6 Sites, 259 Hits) 09/07/1999
Featured Ring The Antique Iron Web Ring is dedicated to all types of Antique Iron collecting. It features, Antique Stationary Engines, Steam Engines, Antique Tractors and sites related to collecting Antique Iron.




Nautical Antiques and Reproductions (4 Sites, 84 Hits) 10/07/2004
Featured Ring This site is for those interested in collecting,dealing and selling Nautical Antiques and high quality Reproductions.We want to get web sites that cover a wide range of Nautical goods.

Vintage and Antiques (48 Sites, 58 Hits) 10/08/2008
Featured Ring This is the best place to find Vintage and Antique items on the Internet. They include Antique and Vintage Lighting, Buttons, Coins, Arrowheads, Snowmobiles, Guitars, Mickey Mouse, Vinyl Records, Furniture, Tractors, Audio, Clothing, Watches, Radios, Lamps, Barbie Dolls, Antique Upright Piano, Clocks, Handbags, Postcards and more.

Fine Furniture & Restoration (4 Sites, 159 Hits) 04/03/1998
Featured Ring Sites for Fine Furniture, Restoration and Antiques. Beautiful furniture is often made of hardwoods, but can also be made of wicker, plastic, or metal. Some furniture for sitting includes a cushio of cloth. Burl tables are beautiful; they either have a base which is portions of a branching tree trunk, or a top with beautiful swirly patterns; the wood is highly prized. Other sites in this ring can include sites dedicated to teaching restoration, or teaching about antiques.

Antique Ring (13 Sites, 808 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Visit the BEST antiques & collectibles sites on the net selected for their fine quality antiques for sale. Here you will find antiques of all kinds including Antique & Period Furniture, Fine China, Roseville, Modern Design, Depression & Art Glass, Pottery, Fiesta, Toys, Collector Plates, Dolls, & more! All sites in the BEST Antiques ring meet or exceed our strict standards of quality & excellence before becoming members. No crafts or reproductions; only the BEST antiques & collectibles will be found here! BEST Antiques is an exclusive ring and our high uniqueness rating assures you that our sites will probably not be found in other antique rings thus creating a fresh surfing experience for our customers.

The Antiques & Art Webring (71 Sites, 231 Hits) 01/14/2006
Featured Ring Antiques and Art for sale, art history websites, antiques and collectibles from Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Canada and the USA. Websites about the antiques roadshow. Swords, paintings, sculptures, pianos, candlesticks, family heirlooms, old guns, heraldry, etc.

The International Art & Trade Ring (62 Sites, 191 Hits) 08/06/2001
Featured Ring The ring brings together artists, art critics, art historians, gallery owners, curaters, businessmen and professionals to promote trade. Art, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, photography, prints. The painting used as the logo is "Acts of God?" by international artist Charles Moffat.

Best Antique Sites (6 Sites, 73 Hits) 05/30/2002
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest antiques sites on the Internet today. Look for antiques, research what makes an antique, or buy, sell and trade your antiques here!

Eclectic Collectables & Antiques (6 Sites, 13 Hits) 01/25/2001
Featured Ring We represent a composite of all sites that feature Antiques, Collectibles, Nostalgia, Memorabilia, etc...

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