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Rainbow Bridge (81 Sites, 365 Hits) 04/07/1998

Featured Ring Rainbow Bridge consists of webrings dedicated to deceased pets of all species. Enjoy reading these memorials shared by pet owners.

Rainbow Bridge-Cats (4 Sites, 365 Hits) 04/07/1998
Featured Ring  Untitled document A collection of websites honoring cats that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge-Dogs (5 Sites, 365 Hits) 04/07/1998
Featured Ring Untitled document A collection of websites honoring dogs that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge-Memorial Supplies (1 Sites, 365 Hits) 04/07/1998
Featured Ring  Untitled document Rainbow Bridge-Memorial Supplies are stores that provide urns, art work, and other forms of pet memorials.

The Rainbow Bridge - Angelic Animals  (46 Sites, 250 Hits) 10/27/1998
Featured Ring For all our pets that are now angels across the Rainbow Bridge. We know our pets are angels and this place honors their lives. We've all lost Pets. It's like losing a child. But we must remember all of the good and happy times, the many, many lovely moments we have had - and will always have in our hearts and minds of our beloved ones.

Remember not when your pet passed but when your pet lived. They may be gone physically, but they're still by our sides spiritually. Forever and always, eternally and unconditionally. They will always love us as we will always love them.....Forever.

Rainbow Bridge Sites (5 Sites, 128 Hits) 08/30/1998
Featured Ring RAINBOW BRIDGE: Web pages devoted to pets that have gone ahead of us, now waiting at Rainbow Bridge so that we may cross the bridge together. This webring exists for those of us left behind so that we may link these pages together in tribute to the wonderful animals who will always remain in our hearts and minds. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv096:jshwrtr:regular:60805

Prince's Ring (6 Sites, 54 Hits) 06/09/2002
Featured Ring Adopted November 8, 2003, Prince's Ring is for those who have lost a dear companion, otherwise known as a pet. We welcome all kinds of dedication sites related to Pets. Please join us. Once you apply, Please place the SSNB code on your site as soon as possible, since all sites are checked daily! Some sites may not pass right away if they are related to Tripod or Angelfire.

Best Pet Loss Support Sites (5 Sites, 48 Hits) 11/09/2001
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest pet loss support sites on the Internet today. Join others grieving a pet loss with photojournals, tributes, and memorials; locate pet loss support services including artists who will render a portrait of your pet, and find products to help you memorialize your pet such as remembrance jewelry, urns, and memory boxes.

Little Critter's Heaven (3 Sites, 33 Hits) 05/06/2001
Featured Ring 

This ring is for small mammals that have moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. All rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters and other critters are encouraged to join so they can be remembered forever.

Birdie Angels (2 Sites, 32 Hits) 11/20/2000
Featured Ring A ring of memorial sites, and sites to help people that have lost a beloved bird. From the smallest finch to the largest parrot, we are here to help you with your loss. No X rated sites.

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