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Insurance (4 Sites, 85 Hits) 11/06/2001

Featured Ring  Untitled document

Find in this ring sites commercial, personal or academic pertaining to all aspects of insurance (including but not limited to personal, homewners', renters', automobile, life, health, burial, pet and travel insurance), as well as prescription drug plans and other insurance-related programs, for (again, not a comprehensive list) individuals, families, small and large business owners and employees, independent contractors and the self-employed.  Pictured on this page: an exhibition of the Musem of Insurance in Kraców, Poland, photographed May 16, 208, by Wikimedia Commons user Delimata.  On the NavBar:  a 1905 New Zealand postage stamp depicting Government Life Insurance, value (of the stamp, not the insurance) three pence.

Lupus Sites Webring (7 Sites, 80 Hits) 06/24/2000
Featured Ring The lupus sites webring aims to link together sites from across the world that contain information about the autoimmune disease lupus.

Tropical Diseases WebRing (10 Sites, 317 Hits) 12/25/1997
Featured Ring A ring which gathers web sites related to tropical diseases and more particularly malaria disease. African sites related to medicine are also included.

Ring regoupant les sites en rapport avec les maladies tropicales et en particulier le paludisme. Les sites africains sur la medecine seront egalement bien venus.

Hearing Impairment (10 Sites, 148 Hits) 06/07/1999
Featured Ring Hearing impairment is a hidden condition faced by people from all ages, social classes. It plays no favorites. Health Issues-Hearing Impairment is a community of websites discussing all aspects of hearing impairment. They will be valuable reading for someone newly diagnosed as hearing impaired, caregivers, teachers, and employers.





The Faces of Weight Loss Surgery (48 Sites, 211 Hits) 11/20/1998
Featured Ring Despite our best efforts to reduce our weight, no amount of dieting or exercise helps us shed our unwanted pounds. When all else fails, the miracle of modern medical surgery can help us lose that weight. The many sites listed below belong to people who have or are currently undergoing weight loss surgery. We invite you to read about their experiences.


Cancer Research (4 Sites, 51 Hits) 07/28/2005
Featured Ring Scientific research towards new therapies of cancer. Sites focus on therapies which are well tolerated by patients, especially natural remedies.




Medical Information Watch Ring (6 Sites, 183 Hits) 06/23/1999
Featured Ring The MIW (Medical Information Watch) Ring's mission is to provide consumers with quick and safe access to reliable resources of medical information and healthcare topics. Together we hope to afford consumers a safer online information database in the medical and health-related field.

Paramedics WebRing (15 Sites, 149 Hits) 12/26/1997
Featured Ring This ring provides information and links to EMS and other pre-hospital care sites. It includes educational, chat and informational links. Some of the sites may contain basic details of trauma and illness with some illustrations that may be too graphic for younger audiences and those who are generally squeamish.

Student Nurse & Graduate Nurse (12 Sites, 191 Hits) 
Featured Ring Anyone with information fun or serious can join! Dedicated to all in the medical field! Are you looking for information on nursing classes, nursing clinicals, care plans or the National Council of Licensure Examination (NCLEX)? Or maybe you're looking for some really great nursing links. Do you want to have fun and meet some nurses, chat, listen to real audio or midi's, or play games and send greetings? If you're in the health field, THIS NURSING RING IS A MUST SEE!

E.M.S. Central, Home of the E.M.S. Professional (6 Sites, 157 Hits) 06/22/2001
Featured Ring helpful information on saving lives and EMS related topics. links page and guestbooks.

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