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Chinese Internal Arts (6 Sites, 152 Hits) 10/22/1998

Featured Ring The Chinese Internal Arts Ring serves as a resource for both practitioners and the merely curious to the wonderful world of Chinese Internal Arts. Included are Taoism, T'ai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, and updates from the Chinese Health Institute of Kingston and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA.

Anti-Quackery Ring (40 Sites, 6237 Hits) 08/28/2002
Featured Ring This ring is for sites that combat & debunk health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies, and are more interested in real, objective, scientific proof, than in the speculative, subjective, and unproven theories and anecdotes of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM)....................................... WARNING: Ring members have no control over advertisements appearing on this page, and neither endorse nor recommend their subject matter.

Absolutely Amazing Immortality Device Users (7 Sites, 335 Hits) 01/11/2001
Featured Ring Absolutely Amazing stories of people who have used Alex Chiu's magnetic immortality device. Now couple that with psionics and you have an unbeatable combination. If you are a user of Immortality Device and if you have written testimonial or personal opinion about Immortality Device on your web site, you may join this webring. Discover the Amazing Psionic Power Machines that give you an unfair advantage. What ever psychic power you may or may not have can be magnified multiple times with simple machines you can build yourself with items you have around the house. This information is absolutely amazing! Change your life and get what you want in life with nearly effortless precision. All Health and Wellness and Paranaormal Welcome!

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK (6 Sites, 134 Hits) 04/23/2000
Featured Ring Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy UK is the UK's largest hypnotherapy webring. It is open to all UK sites relating to hypnosis or NLP. It includes sites dealing with hypnotism from the all perspective. By bringing together UK based sites we can help you reach a target market of UK internet users.

Alternative Medicine (31 Sites, 295 Hits) 09/06/2000
Featured Ring This ring brings you sites that are health-related and feature nutrition, diet, herbs, massage, exercise, Yoga, Low Dose Naltrexone, and other alternative medicine modalities.

Mind, Body & Spirit (51 Sites, 324 Hits) 05/17/2003
Featured Ring A unique webring established to serve a diversified group of alternative health practitioners and holistic service providers and businesses.

Sites in this ring offer a tremendous variety of holistic products and services, including hypnosis, stress management, weight loss, help to stop smoking, past life regression, psychic development, shamanic drumming and journey work, healing sleep disturbances, spiritual cleansing, spiritual guidance, intuitive readings, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, spells and charms, life/personal coaching, and much more.


Alternative Medicine Resources (13 Sites, 254 Hits) 09/17/2000
Featured Ring Resources for information on alternative, holistic and complementary web sites.

Medical Alternatives Network (14 Sites, 122 Hits) 12/02/1998
Featured Ring This ring site is for holistic and alternative healing websites throughout the world. English only please YOU MUST PUT THE WEBRING CODE ON YOUR INDEX PAGE IN ORDER TO BE ACCEPTED INTO THIS RING.

Natural Health & Beauty (32 Sites, 163 Hits) 06/18/2002
Featured Ring Natural Health & Natural Beauty. Women and men who look and feel healthy, natural and beautiful. No cosmetic surgery, no breast implants, no liposuction... Just pure natural exercise, the proper eating habits, chemical-free plants and medicines, natural unsprayed herbs, traditional home-made formulas for curing illnesses, information about Traditional Chinese medicines and cures, hermetic medicine and your Grandmother's cure for the common cold. Want to hear my cure for the common cold? Lemonade, and anything with salt/vinegar in it. The germs don't like acid or salt, so eat lots of salty or acidic things like oranges and lemons. Recipes for healthy cooking also wanted.

Chinese Natural Healing Ring (4 Sites, 124 Hits) 04/05/2001
Featured Ring A webring to promote Chinese natural healing techniques.

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