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US Naval Fighting Ships (27 Sites, 862 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring The US Naval Fighting Ships Ring is an Online Naval Web-Community and is dedicated to the preservation of pieces of our country's history and to ensure that our naval history is not forgotten - for, if we forget our past - then we are sure to repeat it!


US Navy (14 Sites, 230 Hits) 09/14/2001
Featured Ring Webring for all websites related to the ships and service members of the US Navy.

Aircraft Carriers of the World (6 Sites, 433 Hits) 09/11/1998
Featured Ring Aircraft Carriers of the World WebRing is dedicated to promoting aircraft carrier related websites and keeping the memory of these grand "ladies" of the sea alive.



Dutch Navy (4 Sites, 598 Hits) 12/07/2000
Featured Ring Everything about the Royal Netherlands Navy, Marine Corps and Naval Aviation (MLD)

The Navy Ring (44 Sites, 997 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

The Navy Ring, founded in April 1996, is dedicated to websites which contain information or images of naval vessels and equipment, plus pages which share the personal experiences of sailors. This online community aims to keep fresh the memory of those who served and provide for historical researchers.

BROADSIDE: Battleship Combat Ring (6 Sites, 86 Hits) 07/01/2001
Featured Ring Ship to ship surface combat in the first half of the 20th century. Sites can have technical info, histories, games, pictures and lots more. Any sites having at least a page about battleships are welcome to join. English is not required, all languages are welcome.

War at Sea WebRing (18 Sites, 309 Hits) 11/19/2000
Featured Ring A WebRing for all Navy, Warship, Submarine, Naval Aviation, and Naval History related Web Sites to be found on the Seven Seas.

Best Navy Sites (6 Sites, 43 Hits) 11/13/2001
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest navy sites on the Internet today. You'll find sites ranging from navy politics to navy hardware and surplus to navy history, veterans groups, and more!

International Naval Aviation - Fly Navy (10 Sites, 438 Hits) 06/21/2002
Featured Ring The International Naval Aviation - Fly Navy Ring is dedicated to maintain the bond of International Naval Aviation and its heritage of aircraft, air squadrons, warships and aircraft carriers, naval air stations, associations, men and women.


Historic Navy Ships (21 Sites, 265 Hits) 01/13/2001
Featured Ring To join the Historic Navy Ships web ring your web site must perpetuate the memory and history of a decommissioned naval vessel(s) from any nation. You must install the WebRing Server-Side Navigation Bar (SSNB) and ensure it says "Passed" under the Site Management. This will ensure Web Ring integrity is maintained. Sites with "Broken", "Failed", "Unknown" or "PassedL" SSNBs will suspended (or deleted) by the RingMaster. No Mercy!

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