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African American Men On The Web (8 Sites, 3 Hits) 05/18/1998

Featured Ring Men of African descent with positive, personal and or business sites on the web. Your website can be about your father, brothers or husband. This webring honors and respects the men in your life.

The African Diaspora Network (6 Sites, 116 Hits) 03/09/2001
Featured Ring These ancient Africans (Egyptians) represent focus and sticking together. Whether itís in good times or bad! This webring is focused on issues involving business development, employment, vacations, networking, events,organizations, tourism, travel, health and the environment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This webring is for people of African descent learning to put our ideas together and benefiting each other. It could features news and links to information resources, including an Accommodation Directory, Law resources, Info Center, Country Information pages, Environmental & Travel Newsletter and Reservations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mahogany Rising (12 Sites, 85 Hits) 10/05/2000
Featured Ring A ring of sites dedicated to improving the lives of men and women of African descent through information, collaboration and inspiration. We welcome websites that has a self-help philosophy. And for people who has a true respect for people of African descent. Love and pursuit of wisdom and good health, by intellectual means and moral self-discipline. Seeking websites with a system of motivating concepts or principles, with the philosophies that can benefit in making stronger cultures. The system of values by which one lives. The investigation of causes and laws underlying reality. A system of philosophical inquiry or demonstration. Lovers of wisdom. A place to pamper ourselves with lifeís greater meanings.

Women of African Descent (5 Sites, 33 Hits) 06/12/1998
Featured Ring This is a webring for the "Sista's" that manage, operate, and maintain a Web Ring or who have an interesting, empowering and informative web site.

Citizen of Earth (11 Sites, 17 Hits) 09/20/2000
Featured Ring The human race is one, we are members of that race first in equality. This community promotes the ideal that we are all one race and as such citizens of earth before considerations of smaller community groups. Therefore, we each as individuals have responsibility for ensuring the rights and freedom of other members. Sites containing information on social activism, feminism, equality and justice are particularly welcome. All sites must be safe for family viewing and of course be free of hatred or racism.

TRADITION - REVOLUTION (7 Sites, 419 Hits) 02/13/1999
Featured Ring tradition revolution lenin geopolitics dugin nord esoterism church

The Anti-Hate Directory (10 Sites, 172 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring We are against Imperialism, Anti-Africanism, Anti-Racism, Anti-Jewish and Anti-Xenophobia Directory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However, from a social perspective, more work must be done to reverse the effects of three hundred years of deep-seated racism, discriminatory practices, prejudging, and psychological damage that exist throughout the Western Hemisphere in regards to this issue that we call race. At the time of this writing, though scientists have proven the falsity of race, I see no ongoing effort to eradicate the social construct of it. There is no one who I know of that has gone onto a television broadcast and made a public statement saying: "Folks, when our ancestors created a concept that we now call race, it was a lie. It was created for exploitative purposes." No one has yet made this type of comment with total and deep contrition: "Let us work to undo the falsehoods that were created because of the concept of race. We shall do this from a public and a private perspective; intellectually and academically; let us change or correct what is reflected in the literature, the newspapers, the cinema, on the television, and in the textbooks used by our children and young adults." - Keith W. Jones

InterCulture (2 Sites, 8 Hits) 11/14/2000
Featured Ring Websites featuring intercultural communication, immigration issues and cultural diversity.

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