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Human Rights Focus (5 Sites, 203 Hits) 06/22/2005

Featured Ring This site is designed to develop both formal and informal human rights complaints. Any pertinent site regarding Human Rights is welcome. Integrqal to the home site is the refusal of the USA Supreme Court Petiton of David Nollmeyer, an AI Direct Action advocate, who argues such in importance between Dred Scott and Korematsu.

Matthew Shepard Memorial (12 Sites, 315 Hits) 10/18/1998
Featured Ring This is a Memorial Web Ring in Honor of Matthew Shepard, a Young College student from Wyoming who was killed in a Violent attack because he was gay. This site contains web sites of Tributes and Dedication to Matthew and for Anti-crime Legislation. This site promotes Non-Violence and a End to Hate Crimes in this country and all Countries Of the World. Tributes are welcome, Poetry and Inspirational Sites For Matthew are Encouraged.

Rights, Equality and Tolerance  (6 Sites, 61 Hits) 02/04/1999
Featured Ring This ring consists of memorials to persons around the world who have been killed as a result of human rights abuses. Tens of thousands of persons have been killed in the Western Hemisphere alone since World War II, for the most part simple people whose deaths have gone unnoticed. The memorials on this webring permit the voiceless to have a voice and for the viewer to gain a clearer vision for a better future.

Freedom for innocents (4 Sites, 52 Hits) 07/16/2000
Featured Ring Here to do all we can to help people who are in jail and who are innocent.

Integrity (4 Sites, 24 Hits) 07/02/2004
Featured Ring The members here maintain a high level of integrity; site owners pledge themselves to fight lack of integrity on the internet. It also includes ringmasters who run family-friendly, clean webrings with no scams of any kind. Integrity includes refusing to have anything to do with vices, hate, crime, licentiousness, violence, or fraudulent business practices. Sites in their rings are not linked to any of these, and are family safe at ICRA level 1.

Best Human Rights Sites (5 Sites, 66 Hits) 11/02/2001
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest human rights sites on the Internet today. We have human rights sites to interest the student, human rights sites for the teachers and community leaders, and human rights resources, supplies and information for activists and concerned citizens. Whether you're into human rights as a scientific study or as a social issue, check us out!

Pollo Frito (5 Sites, 60 Hits) 01/31/2001
Featured Ring 

This webring features creative and commercial arts: writing, artwork, music, photography, movies & TV work, and anything else in the entertainment fields by all kinds of ethnic minorities: African-American, Latino, Chicano, Hispanic, Native American, Asian-American and Asian, other aboriginals, American White Etc. Folk and Country, and European and all other worldwide ethnics, too. The sites all feature rational political, religious or philosophical entries.

bioethics (5 Sites, 56 Hits) 10/17/2000
Featured Ring Interdisciplinary approaches to philosophy of life&death, medicine, ecology, and modern civilization. Voices from various cultures, feminists, and disability studies are welcome. These are sites that recognize the sacredness of the life of all human beings, and answer the utilitarians who see us as just another animal.

HUMAN (9 Sites, 39 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Dedicated to promoting human unity, human cooperation and a better understanding of humanity.

Human Rights (9 Sites, 131 Hits) 05/02/2003
Featured Ring 

Untitled document

Find in this ring sites pertaining to any aspect of any human rights issue; you may find a proposed solution or just a clear presentation of the problem, or even a celebration of improvements, if we're lucky.  Pictured:  a postage stamp issued May 18, 1998, by the Faroe Islands, honoring the Year of Human Rights.

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