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Male Bashers (5 Sites, 10 Hits) 08/28/1998

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Male bashing at it's best! Ladies, tell your mates stupid male tricks, the asenine stories about the weaker sex, and display them with PRIDE!

Transgender Revolution (16 Sites, 654 Hits) 11/14/2001
Featured Ring Transgender Revolution is for all those transgendered souls who claim the cause of gender choice and freedom. It is open to all owners of websites by and for transsexuals, transvestites, crossdressers, and drag dressers (and friends who admire, love, and support them). Ladies and gentlemen (MTF and FTM) are always welcome to share their beliefs and ideals as they relate to gender freedom. This is the place where choice is the norm.




Essence of Feminism (4 Sites, 85 Hits) 10/18/1999
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Formerly "Feminism on Trial". this is a ring of websites critical of modern feminism. While many individual elements of feminism are good, its ignorant abuse and radical philosophy has caused men, women, children, and our culture irreparable harm and suffering. Please note: I have recently acquired this webring, and will be changing it somewhat, although within the general view expressed here. If you see sites here you don't find compatible, please check back later; there's a good chance that will have changed as well. This ring is intended to bring back the consideration of what is known as first wave feminism. This is the feminism of the founders of the feminist movement, the suffragists. So much of what has gone wrong with feminism today is because of the departures from their thought. In addition, there are sites here that dissent even from first wave feminism, but are guaranteed to be thought-provoking. This is definitely not a ring for the faint of mind.

Gender Peace (2 Sites, 10 Hits) 02/03/2002
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