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Banned Sites Web Ring (6 Sites, 16 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring A webring for freedom of expression! -- sites that have been banned by Internet filtering software, communities, email lists, newsletters or governmental agencies.

The Anti-Censorship & Free Speech Ring (248 Sites, 228 Hits) 12/06/2001
Featured Ring Censorship abounds in every part of our lives. It effects the movies we watch, the news we hear and see, and politics that effect everything around us. Censorship should be a crime. Free speech is an important part of every democracy. --- ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN FREE SPEECH MAY JOIN. YOUR WEBSITE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ABOUT CENSORSHIP. --- The United States stopped being a democracy when it began censoring its people. By not allowing people (and the media) to speak their mind the government of the United States was taking away the rights of their own citizens. The Right to be Heard and have a Voice. The right to read/see uncensored news-media. CNN is the 2nd most censored news-media in western society. The 1st was the government controlled newspapers in Germany from 1938 to 1944. Censorship is becoming more harsh in the future and we need to fight it. Americans are TOLD that they live in a democratic society, but only because their dictator tells them so. In 1936 Germany the National Socialists wanted a new government that could impose order and obedience. So they looked to America and chose to model their new government after the President of the United States. They built concentration camps the same way America set up Native Reserves and forced the "undesirables" to live there. Its strange to think that the United States was actually the source of inspiration for NAZI Germany. Thanks to Bush's new censorship laws the United States is now officially a dictatorship. The new laws grant him the power to arrest anyone he wants, hold them without trial and even have them executed. The "United States Censorship" painting is courtesy of the Lilith Gallery and was painted by international artist Charles Alexander Moffat, currently living in South Korea.

iFreedom Webring (15 Sites, 29 Hits) 06/19/2000
Featured Ring This ring has sites whose owners support internet freedom, free speech on the web, and are against internet censorship. Please note: only the government can censor. The right to grant or refuse a forum for speech an individual disagrees with is a First Amendment right. Freedom comes only from responsibility; therefore these sites will not contain any scams or other misleading work. Government censorship happens when people act irresponsibly, either as individuals or government officials. Under new management; until all sites have been screened, caveat emptor.

Anti-Censorship (5 Sites, 49 Hits) 08/25/2003
Featured Ring Find in this ring sites of all kinds pertaining in every respect to the issues of censorship and freedom of artistic expression.  Pictured are two individuals who were persecuted for expressing themselves freely in a manner their respective societies found offensive:  on this page, English author and painter  D.H. Lawrence (September 11, 1885 – March 2, 1930) and on the NavBar, American comedian Lenny Bruce (October 13, 1925 – August 3, 1966).

Blue Ribbon Supporters (8 Sites, 16 Hits) 04/22/1998
Featured Ring You have to have something to say, and it has to be something that requires some real thought.

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