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Brian Deneke Memorial WebRing (29 Sites, 122 Hits) 01/11/2000

Featured Ring Brian Deneke was murdered on December 12, 1997. He was 19 years old. Brian did not die because he deserved to. Brian died because he was different - a nonconformist. He was an Individualist and a free spirit. He was also a thoughtful and caring young man, a good son, a good friend. His life was full of promise. We want to let our memory of Brian and what he stood for serve a positive purpose. === It has been 7 years -we haven't forgotten.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms (58 Sites, 1713 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Sites for those with an interest in maintaining the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Missing Children's WebRing (42 Sites, 537 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

The Missing Children's WebRing is a network of websites dedicated to helping the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children achieve their goal to bring ALL missing children home safely. This Ring offers a variety of subjects on kid-friendly sites with the shared goal of reaching as many people as possible with the pictures.


Earthnet Institute (4 Sites, 120 Hits) 01/01/2001
Featured Ring This webring is open to all websites, webpages, blogs involved in some aspect of with the amelioration of social issues and helping others. Earthnet Institute, Inc. (ENI) is a non-profit (no paid officers, directors, staff, or employees) network  composed of volunteers that seeks to partner with others doing research or work to ameliorate world problems and who strive for a world filled with greater peace, balance, cooperation, sharing, gentleness, concern, and the promise of human brotherhood including the abatement of starvation and homelessness, the reduction of poverty and ignorance, and the control of sickness, disease and suffering in diverse places and confronting issues of war, slavery, terrorism, mental illness, environmental devastation, human rights violations, and economic inequities. All new member sites are reviewed and must meet the intent of this webring. 



Help the Innocent Children (23 Sites, 71 Hits) 12/22/1997
Featured Ring Help missing children come home safely, to keep the bad people away and how to protect your family from this horrible act happening to our children! Bring awareness to people that this is happening in their community. To stop the abuse to these innocent people. Safety for children, parents, teens with all issues for the internet. Tips to keep our children safe. Many pictures of missing children waiting to be viewed. Links and facts on disabled children. Tons of links for everything.

Humanitarian Support For Global Causes (5 Sites, 33 Hits) 09/03/2005
Featured Ring 

Show your support for crisis situations around the globe. This ring is not politically inclined, does not favor one person over another-rids the global lines of separation, knows we all suffer whenever anyone, anywhere around the world suffers- be the crisis man-made, or an act of nature. Members of this ring are supporting the human race as an entity of ONE- dismissing (yet respecting) any differences in race, religion, creed, country, political inclinations.

Justice for the Wrongly Convicted. (4 Sites, 183 Hits) 07/26/2001
Featured Ring We are seeking justice for the many people who have been sent to jail for crimes they didn't commit, or have been given long prison terms for minor trangressions.

LPFM Radio (4 Sites, 303 Hits) 09/01/1999
Featured Ring A web ring devoted to LPFM & LPAM broadcasters and supporters Low Power FM and NCE Broadcast stations.

Anti Ignorance (5 Sites, 40 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 
Sad to say but, people hate
whatever they do not understand.

This ring is for sites
committed to fighting hate
through knowledge.

The BBW/FA Ring (14 Sites, 1037 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring One of WebRing's oldest rings, born 12/31/1996, the BBW/FA Ring is dedicated solely to Big Beautiful Women and their Admirers. Find here personal narratives about being and living large, words of appreciation by the folks who love Big Beautiful Women, organizations for large people, plus-size modeling contacts, Size Acceptance/Fat Acceptance issues, personal ads for big folks, artwork that celebrates the large human form and commercial sites that respectfully cater to a large clientele.  Pictured:  Elaine Miles (in a detail from a screen shot from "Northern Exposure," the American television phenomenon in which she portayed placid Marilyn Whirlwind) circa 1993.

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