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The Feminists Webring (143 Sites, 35 Hits) 03/31/2002

Featured Ring Teen feminists, feminist mothers, breastfeeding, topless rights, voting rights, female sexuality, feminism, breast cancer or ovarian cancer survivors, famous feminists (Mary Wollstonecraft), feminist musicians (Ani DiFranco, Kinnie Starr, etc) and anything else about feminists or feminism.

The Respect Women Webring (112 Sites, 73 Hits) 10/28/2002
Featured Ring Sites that promote respect for women - and recognize the history of disrespect that makes this so important today. - Logo from the Lilith Gallery.

The Ring of the Feminist Guru (126 Sites, 84 Hits) 12/05/2000
Featured Ring Feminist Guru. For all women, all grrls and all feminists.

The United Feminists Webring (200 Sites, 464 Hits) 01/27/2003
Featured Ring Feminists, grrls, activistas and anyone (female/male) who believes in equality. Feminism IS the belief in equality. If you think it is female supremacy, you are dead wrong. Feminism is about equality of life and lifestyle, regardless of race, age or social class. It is not just for upper-class white women. It is for everyone who is being oppressed due to sex and gender.

The Webring of Feminism (105 Sites, 81 Hits) 07/08/2005
Featured Ring Lilith - The Angelic Reality of Feminism:  Lilith is the divine personification of feminity, with all its strength and beauty. Women will not be trampled upon by patriarchal religions. We will not suffer the indignity of slavery to a male-dominated religion. God is a hermaphrodite, both male and female. Adam and Lilith were both created from clay. We are all equal. ALL WOMEN ARE FEMINISTS, BECAUSE ALL WOMEN BELIEVE IN EQUALITY.

The Feminist Cooties Webring (120 Sites, 31 Hits) 03/21/1999
Featured Ring Remember in kindergarden how girls had cooties? And how any boy who played with the girls had cooties too? Well we are all grown up now and we still have cooties, except now many of us are feminists and know better when we are discriminated against. We're grrls, riotgrrls, dykes and femmes with attitude. Cootie-boys and Icky grrls are together again.

Feminist Ring (16 Sites, 48 Hits) 10/04/2000
Featured Ring Feminism as humanist perspective. This ring is intended for sites that examine women's relationships and roles within the world political stage. Even feminist theory itself can break down into many sub-classifications such as conservative feminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism and socialist feminism. "Womyn" leans toward lesbian, feminist empowerment. "Womanist" leans toward women of color who integrate both gender and ethnic identities. Social Stratification. Books or readings that come to mind include All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men but Some of Us are Brave by Gloria T. Hull, Backlash by Susan Faludi, as well as, Sophia Chen Zen and Westernized Chinese Feminism by Katrina Gulliver. This ring is not accepting sites that simply exist to promote a product, including those targeted to women.


The Feminist Bitch Webring (94 Sites, 59 Hits) 12/08/2001
Featured Ring I am proud to be a feminist bitch. There is nothing wrong with sticking up for yourself and telling people they are sexist, rude, and/or patriarchal jerks. If you're an outspoken feminist, this ring is for you.

The Ring of Feminism and Art (85 Sites, 31 Hits) 04/24/2002
Featured Ring Any websites dealing with feminism or art may join. Feminist art sites. Fine Art. Music, visual arts, theatre, film and more. Painting, Ani DiFranco, Jess Klein, Lilith Fair, Lilith art work, freedom, equality and expression. smart, artist, artists, part, participate, earth, articles, article, party, parties, arthur, bart, cart, dart, fart, hart, heart, kart, mart, quart, quarter, tart, start, wart, feminism, bitch, grrl, whipsmart.

Shameless (4 Sites, 5 Hits) 02/18/2000
Featured Ring A webring for feminists, Riot Grrls, and Activistas. It's your world; how you gonna change it?

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