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Ladies of Wellesley Ring (50 Sites, 135 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring Web Ring dedicated to the ladies whose homepages are in the Wellesley Neighborhood of GeoCities.

Phenomenal Women (217 Sites, 1098 Hits) 05/05/1998
Featured Ring Websites designed by women from all over the world! This is a webring formed to unite women on the internet who wish to extend friendship, comfort and support, one woman to another, in both our personal and our professional lives. All female Webmasters come gather together, and become UNITED. Members are caring, understanding and full of life. We stand for truth and honesty. Homepages fulled of love. We hold each others hand on good and bad days. Some of us manage forums that are for women that deal with issues and/or causes that are important to us. Some teach, Some share. Hope you will consider joining with us to become one of us.


Southern Belles (29 Sites, 45 Hits) 10/18/1998
Featured Ring All you techno-Southern Belles just come on down and join right in! We may be prim and proper, but we're smart, too!

Ladies of Dreams (48 Sites, 64 Hits) 12/29/1998
Featured Ring 

Welcoming ladies of any ages to participate. The purpose is to link together all the personal pages that were created by women, and to make new friends. We laugh together, cry together, and offering help in every way.





WOMEN ~ The WebRing (46 Sites, 121 Hits) 07/26/2002
Featured Ring This community is geared towards embracing women's issues and offering advice and guidance and a place to find essential information. Members sites foster communication and friendship, making this a welcoming community for all.

Saying No To Domestic Violence (6 Sites, 7 Hits) 09/06/2002
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of websites created by organizations and private individuals who want to share in the fight against domestic violence.

This ring is not limited, however, to sites dealing with violence against women and children, but includes sites concerned with anyone that suffers from abuse in any form.

The Women's Studies Webring (130 Sites, 390 Hits) 12/05/1998
Featured Ring This Webring is for women and men who are interested in Women's Studies. It is a site of free expression, tolerance for all, and feminist ideals and principles. Sites may contain subjects related to feminism, women's rights, free speech, reproductive choice, and other topics like those.

The Women's Webring (195 Sites, 256 Hits) 08/22/2005
Featured Ring All things about women, females, girls, feminists, grrls, pregnancy, motherhood, birth control, being feminine, female sexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, heterosexuality, marriage, children, female beauty, poetry, art, female health issues, breast feeding, topless rights, topfreedom, feminist issues, feminism, women in politics, famous women, fashion, models, prostitution, pornography, female celebrities, actresses, musicians, artists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, activists, activism, abortion, pro-choice, pro-life, religion, female clergy, women in the church, nuns, priestess, goddess, mythology, archeology, history, herstory, erotica, romance, sexuality, sex, kama sutra, help guides, singles, personals.

Phenomenal Diva Ring (120 Sites, 243 Hits) 01/25/2003
Featured Ring  

Celebrate being a Woman! A Phenomenal Diva!

Members websites are a Collective of Womens' websites from every corner of the World!

Our ALL WOMEN Member Showcase consists of personal homepages, poetry sites, inspirational sites and much much more.

B*I*T*C*H (17 Sites, 250 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Untitled document

B*I*T*C*H stands for "Being In Total Control of Herself." Women who are strong in their opinions, thoughts and feelings are often called a term that means "female dog" (those of us with pups know that's not an insult either).  Such independent, self-confident women set standards and strive to achieve them, and do not take "you can't because you're female" or "that's not ladylike" for an answer. Pictured, two congresswomen who were called worse than this:  on the left, Shirley Chisholm, 1924-2005 and on the right, Bella Abzug, 1920-1998.  On the NavBar:  Emmeline Pankhurst, 1858-1928, leader of the British suffragette movement, circa 1909.

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