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Chinese Lesbian Circle (4 Sites, 27 Hits) 05/11/1999

Featured Ring Chinese Lesbian Circle (CLC) is the FIRST webring for Chinese lesbians. Sites which portray Chinese lesbians in a positive light are very welcome to join. CLC aims to show the world our pride, and to let fellow Chinese gay sisters know that they are not alone. NO pronography is allowed. ¥»ºôÅwªï©Ò¦³µØ¸Ç¤k¦P©ÊÅʪ̥[¤J¡A§Æ±æ¯à¶°µ²¥¿­±¤Ï¬MµØ¸Ç¤k¦P©ÊÅʪ̪ººô­¶¡AÅý§Ú­Ì¦V¥@¬É®i¥Ü¦Û»¨·P¡A¥BÅý¤´¥¼¯à¥XÂdªº©j©f­Ìª¾¹D¡A¦o­Ì¨Ã¤£©t³æ¡C±a¦â±¡¦¨¥÷ªººô­¶¤£¯à¥[¤J¥»ºô°é¡C

the unshaven armpits & shaven heads webring (22 Sites, 71 Hits) 08/21/1998
Featured Ring A ring for girls and women who either shave their heads and/or do not shave their legs or arm pits, sometimes due to feminist or lesbian beliefs. This is also a webring for discussing gender identity and what it means to be "female" versus what it means to be "feminine". Androgyny is also a theme here. - - - - Art courtesy of the Lilith Gallery.

We Are Lesbians!  (5 Sites, 20 Hits) 12/07/2002
Featured Ring say it with me loud and proud! lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are welcome to join... from personal homepages, you and your lover's homepages to whatever! oh wait, no porn sites please.

Celtic Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Women's Network (4 Sites, 6 Hits) 01/20/2003
Featured Ring While the main focus of the Celtic Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Women's Network is to discuss issues that affect lesbian and bi-sexual women living in, or who are originally from the United Kingdom or Ireland, this web ring has been set up to allow women with their own personal or special/general interest web sites to link together.



Night WebSisters (4 Sites, 9 Hits) 12/13/1999
Featured Ring A Webring for the Websisters who have sites with a more erotic theme.

Canadian Lesbians (5 Sites, 124 Hits) 02/05/2001
Featured Ring Uniting Canadian Lesbians from coast to coast! - Our Motto is: Promoting with Canadian Lesbian Pride

New Lesbian Asia Ring (12 Sites, 77 Hits) 01/27/1999
Featured Ring This ring is for Asian Lesbians and Lesbians in Asia. There used to be a similar ring but it has somehow died. This is a recaptured effort to link up the lesbians of Asia! This is not an adult site ring.

Dazzling Grrls (5 Sites, 8 Hits) 05/16/2001
Featured Ring The "Dazzling Grrls" webring is for womyn of all walks of life who dazzle 'em everytime in some way or other. Mothers, daughters, black, white, young, old, straight or lesbian, pagan or doesnt matter. So if you have a website that you think is truly dazzling, join this ring today! Lesbian Resources (16 Sites, 85 Hits) 02/02/2001
Featured Ring Lesbian sites on movies, poetry, books, musicians and music, blogs, personal sites, webrings, resources, art, graphics, online shops and other information and resources.

Lesbian World (26 Sites, 171 Hits) 09/26/2000
Featured Ring Lets gather up all the rainbow sisters and rock out loud & proud! Join this place if you're a Lesbian who isn't afraid to rock out loud.





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