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The Ring of Intellectuals (12 Sites, 28 Hits) 01/27/2002

Featured Ring The Ring of Intellectuals is for professors, writers, journalists, consultants, artists, and those in a variety of professions who work with, and live in the realm of, ideas.

Mensans of the World Circle (17 Sites, 345 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Mensans of the World Circle is a WebRing of Mensan webpages all over the world. They may be personal, or local group, or organization pages. The only requirement for membership in the MWC is a page operated by a member of Mensa with links to something related to Mensa. This WebRing has no official connection to Mensa. It makes it easier to find each other. The RingMaster [] is a Mensan. Join us!

The World of High IQ (5 Sites, 29 Hits) 10/27/2000
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Web sites dealing with intelligence and giftedness, intelligence testing, high IQ societies (Mensa, etc.), and related topics.

/\malgam of Me - Stellar (4 Sites, 10 Hits) 10/01/2000
Featured Ring Unique and rebellious. Stellar is for people who choose to be different. This ring is an official member of the /\malgam of Me, a group of original and adopted webrings dedicated to the pursuit of individuality, free thought, and personal interests.

~~ Mensa Writers' SIG (10 Sites, 40 Hits) 11/29/1998
Featured Ring The webring is for the Writers' SIG (Special Interest Group) of American Mensa. It is all about writing and writers. We have pages about the art and craft writing and samples from our members. This ring is not owned or operated by MENSA, but is comprised primarily of writers who belong to MENSA as well as their friends and colleagues. Join our webring!! (Note: we do not accept solicitations from agencies offering services to writers at a cost, but do welcome free services for writers!) This is not an "anything goes" webring. Not every application is approved. Your page must relate to the theme of this webring. When you apply, please describe how your site relates to this webring: Mensa Writers' SIG. No "commercial" sites. No hate, animal cruelty or adult sites. Put code on registered page (no "PassL" ). JLIV040 WRTRG REGULAR/THEME

Mensa SIG (3 Sites, 76 Hits) 06/04/1998
Featured Ring Mensa is a high IQ society; only the top 2% are eligible to belong. The name means "table" in Latin. SIGs are Special Interest Groups. Mensa SIGs are available on many topics - Ireland, gardening, dogs, cats, motorcycling, you name it! Come and see what newsletters and on line sites are available!

Prometheus Society Members (2 Sites, 183 Hits) 03/01/2007
Featured Ring This ring includes websites of members of The Prometheus Society (, a 99.997th-percentile high-IQ society (600 times more selective than Mensa).

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