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RetroMUD (15 Sites, 121 Hits) 08/06/1999

Featured Ring 

This Webring contains links to the players of RetroMUD. Its purpose is to provide a network of information, support, and fun for anybody who shares our fanatical love for the game.

New Bremen (4 Sites, 28 Hits) 10/17/2000
Featured Ring A Webring made to link the New Bremen related websites of us geeky NB players :P

Terris WebRing (8 Sites, 92 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Dedicated to the Online Games Company fantasy roleplaying game LEGENDS OF TERRIS, and its related websites. The largest directory of TERRIS webpages available!

The Mu* Listing Webring (7 Sites, 296 Hits) 10/02/1998
Featured Ring This ring is created to connect the many MUD MUSH MUCK etc listings that exist on the web, so that those that wish to find a good MU* to play on have the most choices availible to them. There is also a website created to list the many mu*s and talkers in a clean and informative manner. This site uses Postgres SQL and Apache with modperl to deliver the content and for login to administer each listing by the mu* owners.

The Mud Connector WebRing (17 Sites, 284 Hits) 10/07/1998
Featured Ring The Mud Connector webring welcomes any site that provides a serious resource devoted to specific muds or mudding in general.

The Unofficial GemStone III Webring (8 Sites, 122 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Original and Largest GemStone III WebRing. Each site is designed to assist players and enthusiasts with the games by Simutronics Corporation, especially GemStone III.

The Book of MUDs (3 Sites, 109 Hits) 12/02/1998
Featured Ring Ever want to open up a book and see a listing of all the MUDs in the world and all the mud info? This is an attempt to make such a collection for mud lovers of around the world!!! (MUDs, coding, programing, ascii, ideas, hints, etc

The Realms of Kaos Webring (3 Sites, 12 Hits) 11/18/2001
Featured Ring A Collection of sites about the online graphical MUD Realms of Kaos!

The Monk's Guild of Terris Webring (2 Sites, 52 Hits) 07/20/1998
Featured Ring A ring dedicated to the Monk's Guild of Terris. Terris is an online role-playing game- This site provides links to all the Monk pages, full of information on the Guild's current activities, history and members.

MudWorld Network (2 Sites, 111 Hits) 12/30/1998
Featured Ring This WebRing is dedicated to advertising MUDs. The goal is to bring the world of mudding closer and allow players/admins to find resources easier.

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