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Crap Games (4 Sites, 143 Hits) 04/06/2003

Featured Ring 

The Crap Games Web Ring was started April 2003 as a way of connecting different websites somehow related to the annual Crap Games Compos; to ease navigation between them and to spread knowledge of this great event.

The Creatures Community (23 Sites, 43 Hits) 02/27/1998
Featured Ring 

This is a Community for people who have made webpages about the game Creatures by Cyberlife. If your page is about norns, grendels, COBs, anything that has to do with Creatures, then you can join this Community.

Earthbound & Anime (4 Sites, 31 Hits) 04/15/2002
Featured Ring Earthbound webring. anime and video game sites also welcome.

Moonring (5 Sites, 250 Hits) 01/23/1999
Featured Ring The Moon Ring is intended to bring together all sites that deal with Mike Singleton's classic games; The Lords of Midnight, Doomdark's Revengem Eye of the Moon and The Citadel. It will also contain the futher works of the Midnight World or Characters.

SimPits International  (9 Sites, 1078 Hits) 10/27/1999
Featured Ring For the few, the proud, the creative, those who decide to take the ultimate challange and build their very own simulator cockpit(SimPit). From very basic non-functional cockpits, to fully functional/motion-based beasts of simulation, this WebRing allows valuable information and experience to be shared by linking people's personal (none commercial) cockpit web sites to each other. They can be race cars, trains, space ships, airplanes, boats, or any other cockpit that can be simulated.

Arcade Machines Retro Dreams (4 Sites, 20 Hits) 11/20/2001
Featured Ring Our WebRing is for people who love to built their own arcade machines or arcade controls that can be attached to a cabinet or stand-alone unite and for those who would like to learn how. Show off your handy work here and inspire others. Our Web sites are in association with Townfriend Internet Communities. "Establishing friendships from town to town..."

Red Baron II/3D WebRing (18 Sites, 859 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Red Baron II/3D WebRing is dedicated to the Red Baron II/3D WWI Flight Simulator by Dynamix/Sierra and information on World War I aviation.

The Ring of Dragons (36 Sites, 576 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring A ring of information, and fun regarding the Ultima series of computer games by Origin, and the Ultima Dragons, its fan club.

The Nintendo and More! Web Ring (12 Sites, 27 Hits) 04/20/1998
Featured Ring This ring is for people who love Nintendo and MORE. Nintendo is great but there's actually more out there then JUST Nintendo (or so I've been told). If you have a site that has Nintendo, XBOX, Playstation, Dreamcast or anything to do with Video Games on it I'd be happy to have it in the ring. Or if you just want to visit some great sites about Nintendo (and more) come visit the Nintendo and more home page at:

Final Fantasy VII (33 Sites, 93 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring is for all websites related to the Final Fantasy RPG video game series.

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