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Italian Theatre - Teatro italiano (18 Sites, 114 Hits) 01/12/1999

Featured Ring A Ring for Websites dealing with Italian theatre, present and past - Per creare una rete di siti dedicati al teatro italiano, passato e presente

La Ronde, the Playwright's Ring (18 Sites, 205 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring La Ronde’s mission is to link all stage writers on the Web. Sites qualified for inclusion must have a primary focus on presenting the work of an individual playwright, with information like: (1) Synopses of work and cast requirements for play production (2) Production histories of playwright’s work (3) Playwright’s resume or other stage writing-related documents (4) Essays and informational articles on writing plays by the playwright

CATS Fanfiction (5 Sites, 109 Hits) 01/30/1999
Featured Ring Must be a page devoted to or containing CATS fanfiction. Ring is devoted to the pages that work hard to create fanfiction and/or publish other fan-fic works.

RENTring (10 Sites, 5 Hits) 03/21/1998
Featured Ring RENTring is dedicated to all productions of the musical RENT. This association of web sites is a member of Townfriend Internet Communities. "Establishing friendships from town to town..."

The Phantom of the Opera Virtual RPG (4 Sites, 12 Hits) 02/14/2001
Featured Ring A web ring for any sites in general that have to do with Phantom of the Opera. Everything from phan pages to RPG or anything else for that matter.

The Theatre & Art Webring (42 Sites, 222 Hits) 09/23/1999
Featured Ring The Theater & Art Express Ring: All sites related to theatre and fine arts. Dance, music, stagecraft, acrobatics, acting, actors, actresses, music, opera, puppetry, ballet, modern, art, painting, drawing, sculpture, stage design, sword fighting, fight choreography,fashion, costume design, movies, television, Star Trek, Star Wars. William Shatner was a Shakespearean actor before Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy was a photographer. Theater of all kinds, amateur and professional are welcome here. This is a multi-language ring for sites in ALL English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), Italian, and German (Deutsch) theatre. Hindu, Punjabi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (Hangugo) and all languages of theatre welcome. Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht, Italian opera, French opera. Alternative theatre. Amateur theatre. Stratford England. Stratford Ontario. New York. Hollywood. London. Paris. Rome. Venice. Berlin. Munich. Hong Kong. Sites about Jesus Christ Superstar (rock opera) also welcome. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ein ring for amateurtheatergroups and institutions. Ein deutscher Amateurtheaterring fuer alle Amateurtheatergruppen, Schauspieler, Institutionen und Buehnen. Referenten und Dozenten sind ebenfalls herzlich wilkommen. Fachbereiche Maske, Schminke und Technik im Amateurtheaterbereich ebenfalls. - - - - - - - - The logo for this ring is from the OLD Romeo and Juliet movie in which the girl who played Juliet was 15 years old and in the movie they show her breast for half a second. Whatever. I like the new movie (even though Leonardo DiCaprio BLOWS!) better. Now if only Quentin Taratino would do a version of Hamlet...

Broadway! (7 Sites, 29 Hits) 01/29/1998
Featured Ring Everything about Broadway:  shows, theatre, theater, musicals, dramas, actors and actresses, cast, crew, audiences, reviewers/reviews, producers, promoters, history, and even the favorite haunts of those who hang out on the Great White Way.

Theatre (5 Sites, 56 Hits) 04/27/2000
Featured Ring This WebRing is dedicated to Theatre and its plays and players, its buildings and its builders:  cast, crew, company, all personae, places, things and matters thespian.  Pictured on this page:  The Hackney Empire, Mare Street, Hackney, London. photographed August 28,  2005, by Fin Fahey; on the NavBar: the modern Globe Theatre in London, photographed by L.J. Anderson.

Theatre * libre (6 Sites, 141 Hits) 01/22/2000
Featured Ring Les compagnies de théâtre et leurs productions; tout le répertoire; dramaturges, acteurs, pièces de théâtre, poésie dans le théâtre, innovations; une ligne vivante entre les compagnies, les dramaturges, les acteurs et les théâtres .............................................. Theatre companies and their productions; all repertory; playwrights, actors, plays, poetry in the theatre, innovations; a living line between companies, playwrights, actors and theatres.

Plays for the stage (4 Sites, 13 Hits) 11/06/2001
Featured Ring Plays, adaptations, musicals or other scripts for performance on stage before an audience.

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