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Elvenlords (4 Sites, 15 Hits) 11/08/2003

Featured Ring A Webring for all fans of the Lord of the Rings. Actors, Character, Books or Movies. I will check over each site submitted, please do not submit sites that are under construction unless they are very nearly complete as I will be adding groups based on content and appearance. Otherwise anything goes.

LOTR,Harry Potter, Young Dracula And Troy Webring (5 Sites, 9 Hits) 04/13/2004
Featured Ring Everyone with a Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Young Dracula and Troy related website or fanfic site are welcome to join the webring. Let us share our fandom with other fans.

The Fellowship of the Web Ring (7 Sites, 25 Hits) 02/02/2004
Featured Ring A Fellowship of Lord of the Rings Fan Sites. This is a ring for all LotR related sites so please join up. You can view my main site at:

Hobbit Lovers (10 Sites, 13 Hits) 01/07/2003
Featured Ring A webring for all lovers of Tolkien's halflings. It doesn't matter what kind of site you have, be it book or movie related, fanfiction (slash welcome!) or for one of the hobbit actors - if you love Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin and hobbits in general, this is the ring for you!

Fellowship of The One ...  (4 Sites, 121 Hits) 03/11/2003
Featured Ring This ring is dedicated to Lord Of The Rings


Samwise Gamgees WebRing  (7 Sites, 10 Hits) 06/13/2002
Featured Ring A webring for they who love J.R.R. Tolkien's Samwise Gamgee: a simple Shire gardener with a heart as true as light itself, and a faithful friend and servant who bore everything for the one who bore the Ring

Lord Of The Rings (52 Sites, 308 Hits) 02/24/2002
Featured Ring This ring is the webring for everything LOTR! the books, movies and MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

Lord of the Rings - One Ring to Bind Them (41 Sites, 145 Hits) 02/11/2002
Featured Ring "Not all who wander are lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien. This Ring is open to all Lord of the Rings sites. So whether you are dedicated to just the books or the movies, or to the history of Middle Earth, or to individual LotR characters, or the actors, etc. in the films, or have fan fiction, or discussion boards or... Okay, basically anything to do with Lord of the Rings!


Lord of the Rings - Actors and Actresses (22 Sites, 96 Hits) 02/19/2003
Featured Ring Welcome to the Lord of the Rings - Actors and Actresses webring!A webring for all Lord of the Ring Movie websites, and especially those about the actors and actresses in the movies. Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortenson, Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett, Mirando Otto and More....

Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy (20 Sites, 42 Hits) 01/07/2002
Featured Ring Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy WebRing! ALL Lord of the Rings related sites are welcome! (Eg Book & Movie fan sites etc)

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