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Ayn Rand Webring (7 Sites, 1302 Hits) 06/27/2001

Featured Ring To connect all the web-pages that provide detailed info on XXth Century philosopher Ayn Rand and her fiction -- "Atlas Shrugged", "The Fountainhead" et al -- and non-fiction writings, the basis of Objectivism

The Objectivism WebRing (8 Sites, 269 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring A major principle of qualitative research and tenet of the posivitist model, which sugests that knowledge relies on observations and events. Objectivism relies heavily on sensory or mechanical data. Ayn Rand was the pioneer in the 1950's and from this, came a lot of the 60's-70's movements in the West.

Objectivism (4 Sites, 150 Hits) 10/14/1998
Featured Ring 

This ring contains sites suporting objectivism, especially those pertaining to rational selfishness, self-interest, and individualism. Objectivism is founded on the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

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