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Karma (16 Sites, 49 Hits) 07/24/2001

Featured Ring Karma is an Eastern philosophy; a principle, that for every turn of the mind-body complex and every action in the external world there must be an inevitable consequence. The purpose of this web ring is to provide information about karma.

Critical Realism/metaReality WebRing & Forum (6 Sites, 82 Hits) 01/01/2012
Featured Ring In Ram Roy Bhaskar's cosmic envelope (meta-Reality),

Arts and Humanities (5 Sites, 385 Hits) 02/09/2002
Featured Ring social theory, metaphysics, esthetics: 2003-ca. 2015

The Philosophers & Artists Webring (130 Sites, 191 Hits) 05/09/2002
Featured Ring The hottest philosophers, thinkers and artists online. Avant garde art, essays, music and controversial topics. Whipsmart activists, feminists, environmentalists, social theorists. If you write or do artwork about something that is controversial and needs to be protested for a good cause, join us. Anarchists, modern and post-modern philosophers welcome. - - - - - Anything about contemporary world events is also welcome. Discussion is the important thing.

The Philosophers & Thinkers Webring (134 Sites, 75 Hits) 04/30/2002
Featured Ring Are you a thinker or a drone? A drone is someone who doesn't think, they go to work, the follow the crowd, they do brainless activities. They are sheep. So what are you? Are you a thinker? Or do you follow the crowd of sheep/drones and do whatever everyone else does? Does your heart/brain go to the beat of a different drum? So be it, you're a thinker. You're original. You're unique. You stand out in the crowd and are proud of it. This is not elitism on our part. We just like using our brains instead of thinking with our hormones.

Mythos & Logos (22 Sites, 241 Hits) 09/06/1998
Featured Ring The Mythos and Logos Webring is for sites about mind and soul; unity and diversity; and science and religion. Site topics include global mythology, world religion, Jungian analysis, cultural anthropology, folklore, philosophy, art, literature and history.

Philosophy (11 Sites, 87 Hits) 03/19/2002
Featured Ring PHILOSOPHY: The webring name pretty much says it all: Philosophy. All types. Sites about philosophy, or sites featuring a predominant philosophy.

Philosophy in Practice (8 Sites, 86 Hits) 01/28/2000
Featured Ring The Philosophy in Practice Web Ring is grounded in the astonishing assumption that philosophy is actually good for you! The exploration and clarification of the basic attitudes, assumptions and values that frame one's life can bring about extraordinary personal transformation. The practice of philosophical reflection promotes a fuller sense of mental balance, equilibrium and clarity, sharpens one's mental skills, enhances creativity, fosters openness and tolerance, leads toward greater autonomy and freedom of mind and reawakens a sense of freshness, curiosity and wonder. Philosophy in Practice consists of sites that promote philosophical reflection as a means of achieving clarity, balance, perspective, insight or personal or spiritual growth.

A_Ring of Truth (40 Sites, 607 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Ring of Truth (rot) deals with human evolution, observation and perception. Are we alone? What is our origin? Is there a destiny? Why should we not consider that Sciences, Philosophies, Myths and Religions, all lead to ONE thing? Should we tolerate the abuse of religious power to control society? Ring members are expected to sustain their claims by facts or rational explanations. You may find some of these pages quite offensive or bizarre, all are interesting nonetheless.

Thinkers (11 Sites, 58 Hits) 04/28/1998
Featured Ring 

Untitled document

Find in this ring philosophical, thoughtful, analytical, perspicaceous cogitations on a wide variety of topics.  Think, thank, thunk!  Pictured (as if you didn't know):  one of the 25 castings of the enlarged version of a thoughtful sculpture, "The Thinker" ("Le Penseur") by François-Auguste-René Rodin (November 12, 1840 – November 17, 1917) this one located outside the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, California and photographed October 2008 by German Wikipedia user Andreas Praefcke (1974- ).

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