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Science Fiction Book Review (14 Sites, 243 Hits) 02/19/1998

Featured Ring The Science Fiction Book Review ring is the webring for you if you are interested in science fiction and want to see reviews of sci-fi literature.

The Dune Ring (7 Sites, 1247 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Dune - A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination. Frank Herbert's epic legacy of Dune is remembered with these pages dedicated to the greatest sci-fi adventure of all-time. Beside pages related to the book you will find also sites about the film, the miniseries and the games.

The Sword Of Truth (4 Sites, 45 Hits) 10/28/1998
Featured Ring Terry Goodkind's The Sword Of Truth series. A webring for those dedicated fans...

Harry Potter FanFiction (11 Sites, 59 Hits) 08/31/2002
Featured Ring Websites dedicated to Harry Potter Fan Fiction. Do you have a story that wasn't told? Do you have an alternate ending or a different point of view to an existing story? So do we.

Fantasy Authors and Readers (31 Sites, 92 Hits) 04/08/2002
Featured Ring If you are an author and you enjoy writing original fantasy prose or stories, I'd love you to join this webring. It's a place where writers can join forces and promote ourselves as well as each other. If you don't write but love to read fantasy and your web site has a fantasy theme, you are also welcome to join this webring.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy (14 Sites, 76 Hits) 10/18/2001
Featured Ring A webring for anyone who has published, written, or is interested in reading science fiction. Aimed at authors seeking to promote their books, or authors with manuscripts to publish. News on new SF books, SF magazines, SF movies, etc.

sci Fi and Fantasy Authors (9 Sites, 92 Hits) 09/15/2005
Featured Ring This ring is for the sites of Science Fiction and Fantasy authors who want more exposure for their site and their work.




Fantasy, Sci Fi and Horror (10 Sites, 55 Hits) 11/08/2001
Featured Ring 

For wild-child fantasy enthusiasts, science fiction afficianados, and errant horror elucidators to contribute their wonderful stuff. We have a strong preference for your original writing on the site.

UFO BOOKS (4 Sites, 89 Hits) 10/26/1998
Featured Ring The UFO Books WebRing is dedicated to linking websites that have a heavy emphasis on UFO books, magazines or publications. Websites with content about books on other subjects such as alien abduction, metaphysics, spiritualism, philosophy, fringe science etc. are also welcomed as long as there is strong presence of information about books on UFOs or their implications. If you are looking for credible information about UFOs, you're in the right place! Welcome, please jump on the ring!

Bloodreams Dark Fiction (8 Sites, 76 Hits) 11/07/1999
Featured Ring Stories written in blood from the mind of a horror author or a Gothic soul are welcome here.

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