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Romance Writers Community (73 Sites, 631 Hits) 10/24/1998

Featured Ring A Community for romance writers, published or not, as long as their site offers something helpful for other romance writers, like a link, tip, or an article on writing.

Historical Romance Connections (20 Sites, 181 Hits) 11/12/2000
Featured Ring Connection to those who enjoy reading or writing historical romance novels. Provide sources for those looking for books, used or new, to read.

Slice of Romance (19 Sites, 37 Hits) 07/03/1999
Featured Ring Slice of Romance Webring is for sites that promote romance fiction.

Romance Around the World (29 Sites, 162 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Romance Around the World exists to promote romance novels and the industry in a positive manner. If you love romance novels and what they represent, then this is the ring for you!

Sci-Fic, Fantasy or Paranormal Romance (24 Sites, 225 Hits) 08/17/1999
Featured Ring For book-related sites with Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Paranormal romance themes.

Romance Heroines (6 Sites, 48 Hits) 03/17/2001
Featured Ring 

Welcome to  Romance Heroines!

Have you ever read or written a romance novel in which the heroine leaves a lasting impression on you? If you have - then join Unforgettable Romance Heroines today!

The Romantic Art & Writing Webring (24 Sites, 88 Hits) 07/06/2001
Featured Ring We are authors who write romance novels (sometimes Harlequin), the world's best-selling series romances. Harlequin Presents and Harlequin Romance. Any sites with writing and/or art about romance is welcome.

Romantic Fiction (4 Sites, 38 Hits) 07/13/2002
Featured Ring Bringing back to you the lost art of romance. This ring is for the romantic at heart, the one who can see the pure essence of romance, and to those who still believe in "moonlight and roses".

Romantic Suspense books (6 Sites, 26 Hits) 11/11/2000
Featured Ring This ring deals with the romantic suspense genre. Available for professionally published paper, self published, ebooks, erotica romantic suspense, adult romantic suspense — anything with romantic suspense in it — you are welcome here.

Gothic Romance (9 Sites, 26 Hits) 07/07/1999
Featured Ring Anything dealing with gothic romance.

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