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Vampire Lestat (13 Sites, 92 Hits) 03/19/2000

Featured Ring Sites that have to do with Lestat de Lioncourt, the hero of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

Anne Rice's Vampires (15 Sites, 105 Hits) 02/18/2000
Featured Ring A ring designed for sites which deal with Anne Rice's Vampires. Sites that deal with the similar topics of Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire, The Mayfair Witches, or New Orleans are also encouraged to join.

Born To Darkness (12 Sites, 23 Hits) 12/27/1999
Featured Ring The sites dedicated to the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, either books, characters or the author herself.

Vampire Louis (7 Sites, 38 Hits) 06/14/1998
Featured Ring Do you have a website devoted to the beautiful Vampire Louis? Or are you Louis de Pointe du Lac and have your own website? Or do you have a site that is all about the movie Interview with the Vampire? Then submit your site into the ring...a ring of sites devoted to the stunning Vampire Louis!

Temptation of Amadeo (9 Sites, 18 Hits) 01/26/2001
Featured Ring Newly reborn, the Temptation of Amadeo webring is now open to anyone interested. In the past, the desired theme was Anne Rice-related sites, especially those with a certain adoration for Armand. But then we became greedy. The more the merrier. So, come as you are. Can you resist the temptation?

Anne Rice (9 Sites, 45 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This webring is devoted to the vampire/gothic writer Anne Rice. You'll find many original sites providing information on the author, including pictures, faqs, interviews, and much, much more.

AngelClaud's Coven (5 Sites, 83 Hits) 04/05/1998
Featured Ring The Anne Rice Webring! You can find almost everything about Anne Rice here. Lestat, Louis, Fanart, Manga drawings of the vampires, Forum, chat, vote, the movie, awards, the vampire chronicles, everything.

Vampire Armand (6 Sites, 10 Hits) 06/20/2000
Featured Ring The webring for the sites dedicated to the great vampire Armand and other vampires of Anne Rice.

Queen of the Damned (3 Sites, 3 Hits) 07/12/1999
Featured Ring This ring is for all sites that talk about Anne Rice and her work and any other sites that deal with the dark.

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