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Truly Evil Fanfiction (13 Sites, 164 Hits) 07/23/1999

A webring designed especially for the writers of evil fanfiction. The definition of evil includes heartbreak, anguish, physical or mental pain, and all other forms of torture. If you write fanfics, and enjoy creating impossible or dangerous situations for your characters to "suffer" through, this webring is for you! PLEASE NOTE: Some of the sites on this ring may be geared toward more adult audiences, so please use caution.

Slash Fan Fiction Ring (72 Sites, 378 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Member sites contain Slash Fan Fiction in a variety of fandoms. Adults only, please.



LotR NC-17 fanfiction (12 Sites, 63 Hits) 09/15/2002
Featured Ring A webring to unite Lord of the Rings NC-17 fanfiction authors. If you have a website that archives any kind of LotR adult fanfiction (slash and/or het, elves, humans, hobbits etc, RPS,...), please join!

The Lady Comic Slash WebRing (3 Sites, 105 Hits) 10/14/2001
Featured Ring The only webring dedicated to web pages that feature f/f comic or science fiction slash. The fandoms can include anything from DC and Power Rangers to Xena and Marvel.

Adult Fan Fiction (2 Sites, 20 Hits) 01/26/2006
This is a haven for all authors who share and read slash fanfiction, fanart and other...perversions.

Lord of the Slash (2 Sites, 15 Hits) 01/16/2002
Featured Ring This is dedicated to grouping together all those sites who have a love of Slash and the Lord of the Rings in one handy little Ring. One Web Ring to rule them all, One Web Ring to find them, One Web Ring to bring them all and in slashiness bind them.

Sci-Fi Erotica (2 Sites, 2 Hits) 03/08/2002
Featured Ring For writers of sci-fi all genres of sci-fi erotica.

Adult Fan Fiction and Fiction (1 Sites, 52 Hits) 10/12/2003
Featured Ring The Ring for websites featuring Adult Fiction and Adult Fanfiction, Transgender, Transvestite, Crossdressing, any site which has stories suitable for those over the age of 18 are welcome. Original stories are accepted here! Stories only, but if you do have photos up, please make sure that they are not porn, full frontal nudity is okay, but if they show two people having sex, your ring will be denied.



  Showing 1 - 8 of 8   

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