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Circle of Horror (107 Sites, 601 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring The Circle of Horror will feature pages with gothic, vampire, dark literature (poetry and fictional writing), dark musical, horror films, paranormal, witchcraft, voodoo, magick, Satanism, etc. links/information...

Horror Online Webring (49 Sites, 431 Hits) 06/06/1998
Featured Ring  Untitled document

A Ring for people who enjoy celebrating the festival of Halloween, reading a creepy story, or watching a scarey movie. It includes websites with recipes, links, midis, how-to's, stories, poems, All horror, creepy, scarey and Halloween sites And sites with horror films are welcome to join! 

Children of the Night (26 Sites, 24 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring consists of the many children of the night. You may be goth, a zombie or one of the many other creatures that dwell within the sweet, dark and lonely night. Be that as it may - You must be a child of the night. We also accept orphans who have no home or have been cast out into the sunlight when the shadows faded away. If you are lost, consider yourself found. Welcome back into the fold.

Horrorsville: Darkness and Horror (54 Sites, 42 Hits) 12/02/2000
Featured Ring For any site devoted to anything that fits the category of horror! (Or Halloween!) This can include Films - Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt, Slasher, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas, Nightmare, Psycho, Hammer, Vampires, Dario Argento, Dracula, real life Horrors: Murderers - Jack the Ripper, Bathori, Bathory, Vlad, Todd, Borden, Amityville - Ghosts sites are also allowed! Basically if you have a site to do with Horror whether Horrific or pleasant please join and enter the realms of Horrorsville!!!

Black Wych (13 Sites, 18 Hits) 05/16/2004
Featured Ring Which kind of witch are you? A black Wych perhaps? Or just someone who likes to dwell on the darker side of the night? We welcome sites of a dark nature, be it Gothic, Horror, Vampire, Paranormal or anything inbetween - Fantasy sites are also welcome.

The Bloody Creepy Ring (19 Sites, 12 Hits) 07/26/1999
Featured Ring The Bloody Ring is a group of sites linked by the horror genre. It consists of sites that share a love of everything horrific, vampiric and haunting, and who want to show their passion to the world.

The Chancery House (13 Sites, 11 Hits) 06/04/2003
Featured Ring Our ring is for dark, unusual and special websites which stretch the imagination, express genuine interests and draw us down fascinating paths.

Chaotic Circle (18 Sites, 14 Hits) 06/15/2001
Featured Ring Horror movies, horror gifs, horror images, horror wavs, horror sites - share your horror.

Cobwebs & Black Lace (14 Sites, 12 Hits) 01/26/2001
Featured Ring Are you a Goth? Do you love the Darkness? Is Horror the thing for you? Do you like the taste of Blood? Do you think Demons are cute? Come along and join us then, we could do with some more screams.

Creeping Evil (16 Sites, 12 Hits) 02/21/2001
Featured Ring A ring for the most delightfully evil sites on the Net. Horror, Halloween, Dark and even Paranormal are all welcome to apply.

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