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Wood Firing Potters Webring (6 Sites, 674 Hits) 05/25/2001

Featured Ring This webring represents a group of worldwide ceramic artists producing high quality work primarily utilizing the ancient process of wood firing to produce handcrafted claywork. All share a common love of the impact the wood flame has on clay and glaze, and enjoy the intimate involvement in the firing process which wood firing affords the craftsperson.

Pottery (5 Sites, 19 Hits) 11/05/2000
Featured Ring The Pottery webring features sites with pottery artwork, as well as sites that are relevant for people interested in pottery.

The RAKU ARTISTS Connection (7 Sites, 169 Hits) 04/21/1999
Featured Ring The RAKU ARTISTS Connection - Clay, Fire, and Water are an exciting combination in the Raku art form. Pieces are quickly fired to red hot temperatures, removed from the still hot kilns, and placed in a variety of reduction materials and containers, to produce a wide amazing number of colors, textures, lusters, and patterns, including beautiful iridescence. Because of the dynamics of the firing process, no two pieces are ever the same, but the process is always exciting. To make it possible to remove a red-hot pot from the kiln without it shattering, clay bodies include grog, which is fired and ground clay, and gives the pot strength. Enjoy this ring of original contemporary Raku art!

Ceramic Artists Worldwide (8 Sites, 34 Hits) 04/17/2002
Featured Ring This ring is for people who work with Clay to produce ceramic items of any kind. If you have a page with a ceramic art theme then please join my ring today!

Ceramics (12 Sites, 275 Hits) 12/29/1997
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Find in this ring all manner of sites, personal, academic and commercial, pertaining to the art, craft, collection, sale and/or display, and especially the love, of ceramics and pottery, be it sleek dinnerware or chunky cookie jars, ceramic tiles or a painted pot, bisque figurines or Raku, fine bone china or sturdy Setomono.  Pictured on this page:  Azulejos (Ceramics) in the Basilica de Santa Maria del Prado in Talavera de la Reina, Spain photographed on October 9, 2004 by Håkan Svensson (Wikimedia Commons user Xauxa); on the NavBar:  from the Palace Museum in Beijing, China, a plate with a bright red glaze, from the Yongle Reign of the Ming Dynasty, circa 1403-1424 CE, photographed August 1, 2008 by Wikimedia Commons user Rosemania.

Best Ceramics Sites (2 Sites, 13 Hits) 10/20/2001
Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest ceramics sites on the Internet today. Here, you can buy or sell ceramics, find instructions and information on making your own ceramics, or visit the homepages of ceramics experts! Let us help you meet your ceramics needs!

Ceramic Ocarina Whistles (2 Sites, 145 Hits) 01/04/2001
Featured Ring A web ring for handmade ceramic whistles called Ocarinas or sweet potato whistles. Although designed and used primarily in Latin America and China, their use has spread worldwide. I saw a man in a kilt playing a small ocarina at the Renaissance Festival. This ocarina is a triple bass, a very complex arrangement with three blowholes.





De Nederlandse Keramiek (2 Sites, 166 Hits) 06/06/2000
Featured Ring Deze webring is voor Nederlandse en Belgische keramisten of galerieën die iets met keramiek te maken hebben. Sites hoeven niet nederlandstalig te zijn. This webring is for Dutch and Belgian galleries of potters who display anything made of ceramics.

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