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Pottery and Ceramics (19 Sites, 440 Hits) 02/10/1998

Featured Ring The Pottery Webring links quality sites by pottery artists and studios containing information about glazes, kilns, throwing techniques, extruders and more. Here you will find websites about fine art pottery and ceramics.



Belgian Artists (4 Sites, 36 Hits) 03/09/1999
Featured Ring This ring contains belgian resident artists. All kind of arts may be represented (visual arts, liturature, music, ...). Multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-cultural, in other words as open-minded as possible.

Objective Art (5 Sites, 83 Hits) 07/27/1998
Featured Ring 

These are sites about selling or displaying art (paintings, music, poetry, fiction, etc.) and/or discussing aesthetics from a basic objectivist point of view – sites focused on romantic realism and Ayn Rand's aesthetic ideas in general. Non-objectivist sites are included as long as the art fits - tonal music, representational painting, clarity of style and of meaning, etc. Russian-born Ayn Rand was a political philosopher who developed the philosophy known as Objectivism. This philosophy forms part of the basis for the libertarian movement. Her novel, The Fountainhead, presents some of her ideas in dramatic form: an architect is presented as having the right to destroy the building because the builders did not adhere to the contract and deviated from his design. Rand's artistic ideas can be considered apart from her philosophy, and this ring concentrates on her aesthetics.


BEL ART PENCIL ARTISTS (108 Sites, 1017 Hits) 01/23/1999
Featured Ring BEL ART PROJECT - The Pencil Artists Ring is to link the sites of artists who have artwork on their Web site which is in graphite and/or colored pencil. If you're arty with a pencil, this ring is for you!

Bryce WebRing (33 Sites, 238 Hits) 09/30/1999
Featured Ring 

Dedicated to the love of Bryce, we proudly showcase the artists and the artwork created in all versions of Bryce. We endeavor to promote and help artists to achieve stunning graphics by sharing tips, tricks, and hints, through our works within this WebRing. This is also the place to display our work. This ring emphasizes beauty and positive values, leaving dark art for another venue.

Museums of Europe (12 Sites, 30 Hits) 11/28/2011
Featured Ring I love museums. If you do, too, join me.

Art Network (146 Sites, 679 Hits) 07/23/1999
Featured Ring Quality Art Sites Only. Featuring Artists, Galleries & Art Resources.

Museums and galleries (32 Sites, 45 Hits) 11/03/2011
Featured Ring Welcome to the place for all things art and history

The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring (437 Sites, 913 Hits) 08/22/2001
Featured Ring Art, Music, Films and all forms of culture. Painting writing poetry drawing animation anime sculpture movies films actors muic jazz folk punk blues reggae industrial goth latin painting history dance theatre film mosaics photography. Whether you love music, art, architecture, bollywood movies or hong kong action this webring is for you. Everything that is CREATIVE is welcome in this webring. A real "anarchy" of a mix of artists, don't you think? Logo from the Lilith Gallery.



Nederlandse amateur fotografen webring (9 Sites, 33 Hits) 12/11/1998
Featured Ring Webring voor Nederlandse amateur fotografen. Dutch amateur photographers.

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