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ONLINE CHILDREN'S RESALE SHOPS (5 Sites, 107 Hits) 02/08/1999

Featured Ring A group of ONLINE CHILDREN'S RESALE SHOPS selling gently used, quality children's clothing at discount prices. If you enjoy bargain hunting for name brand kids clothing, this collection of resale shops offers convenient shopping from your home.


Fringe Lovers Unite! (8 Sites, 9 Hits) 01/02/1998
Featured Ring A webring to unite fringe lovers from the entire world of the internet. The realm of Fringe-Loving! the ONLY ring for Fringe-Loving fun! This ring is here for Fringe lovers of all ages. So we're here to unite admirers and obsessed fans of fringe cuties in bands, arts, school classes, and wherever you might find them. Note: we specify in pop stars with fringes or ex-fringes. for example, Alex James of Blur, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, etc

The Fashion, Models & Art Webring (112 Sites, 196 Hits) 05/19/2003
Featured Ring All websites dealing with Fashion, Models, Photographers, Art, Tattoos, Beauty, Celebrities, Celebrity, Costuming, Designers, Labels, Brand Names, Footwear, Hair, Leather, Pants, Shirts, Sweaters, Teens, Undergarments, Lingerie, Corsets & more. All aspects of culture that deal with art & fashion are welcome. Only quality sites need apply. Sexy stockings, gothic fashion, gothic lolitas in children's clothes, armour, chainmail bikinis, BBW, swimwear, bikini, suits, ties, shoes, boots, laces, busts, style, jewelry, tattoos, piercings, watches, Swatch, partial nudity, fashion gurus, fresh, weird & inspired, photography, historical costumes, vintage victorian fashion, shirts, blouses, kilts, skirts, dresses, gowns, bridal, fancy, fair, cosmopolitan, Edwardian, Elizabethian, vintage, couture, hair, hats, headwear, fedoras, trenchcoats, The Matrix, film noir, elegant, sweatshops, fringe style, fetish wear, high heals, amateur models, gloves, textiles, leather, latex, lycra, pleather pants, lacy. Paintings, designs, drawings, sketches, photography, photographers, art & art theory, art history, fashion history, France, Paris, London, Toronto, Sydney, New York, Hollywood.


Vintage Clothing & Accessories (13 Sites, 25 Hits) 06/07/2002
Featured Ring A ring dedicated to the promotion and preservation of historic vintage clothing and accessories from the days past. All collectors and sellers offering quality vintage theme sites are welcome to join with us.


The Fashion & Fitness Webring (45 Sites, 80 Hits) 07/24/2005
Featured Ring The Fashion & Fitness Webring: Look beautiful, because you are! Lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, wear those sexy clothes that you've always wanted to! Get your OBESE ass off the sofa, turn off Jerry Springer and GO EXERCISE! Lingerie, bikinis, models, celebrities, sexy women AND men, and the clothes to match! - - - Go dancing, go jogging, mountain hiking, bicycling, run, jump, play hide and go seek with your kids. Feel great and look great too!

The Jewelry Ring (17 Sites, 133 Hits) 07/19/2003
Featured Ring This webring is for all sites that sell, create, or have information about jewelry. Fine jewelry, body jewelry, costume jewelry, hand-made jewelry, gemstone jewelry, semi-precious jewelry, beaded jewelry and more. If you sell jewelry, this is the ring to be in!

Plus Size Fashions- Brides and More (13 Sites, 253 Hits) 07/26/2002
Featured Ring Fashions for the beautiful, curvy, plus size woman. Celebrate yourself with clothing that's stylish, enchanting and flattering for all body types. Bridesmaids gowns in plus sizes, Casual, Bathing Suits, Maternity, Lingerie, Bras and more. Plus Size clothing is wonderfully designed and doesn't get the attention or exposure it deserves! If your site features plus size fashions, please, join this webring! No adult sites please. Wedding related sites also welcome!

.:Androgyn Fashion & Art:. (22 Sites, 410 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring used to be called TG Fashion & Fellowship but has changed its name. It used to focus on transgendered, crossdressing & transvestite fashion, but now has expanded to include anything about Androgynous fashion. - - - - - Androgyny is a mix of both male and female concepts. Thats all they are, societal concepts. In old Scotland, the concept of wearing pants was considered silly. Real men wear KILTS (small surprise I'm Scottish and can say this). - - - - - This is a ring for REVOLT FASHION. People who make fashion statements and don't care what others think. This is for people who love kilts, who love gothic or punk fashion... or even Gothic Cowgirls! (gotta luv those gothic cowgirls!) We will continue to include (fashion) sites for transvestites, drag queens, drag kings, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered people... but we want to expand that include everyone who walks a different walk, and dresses a different way. - - - - - - - - - - The painting above (Salmacis in the Rain) is by Charles Alexander Moffat of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

Beauty & Fashion (64 Sites, 208 Hits) 11/16/2005
Featured Ring Websites about maintaining your health, your beauty and the clothes/accessories to match: Footwear, pants, jeans, bras, underwear, lingerie, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, undergarments, coats, jackets, boots, heels, swimsuits, etc. Fitness and health sites welcome. - - - - - - SWEATSHOPS SUCK! Don't buy GAP, Tommy Hilfiger or from the Disney Store! Sweatshop labour = Slave labour. People deserve decent pay and decent working hours.

Don't Tell Me What I Must Be (4 Sites, 12 Hits) 09/22/2001
Featured Ring 

This ring is for anyone who supports fashion for women size 14 and over.  You may have a plus size fashion store, be a model, be a consumer, be supportive of plus sizes in the media, or indeed run a plus size positive organisation.

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